Online Quran Learning

Online quran learning

Online quran learning to read the Arabic language and recite the Qur’an correctly is clearly a difficult task. I started to provide Arabic language and the Holy Quran teaching service through an interactive online environment. Our aim is to give students the opportunity, but to master it as well. That mastery can only be achieved by regular rows that suit the lively and energetic lifestyle.

The highest level of this education is through one-on-one online sessions.

online quran learning fits all kids

The teachers of Aya Institute are unmatched by anyone in the Islamic community, and these teachers are aware of the best ways to teach and learn the Arabic language and the Holy Quran through the Internet, which contributes to the skills needed to give.

online quran learning Course offers

To facilitate more than one effectiveness, letters are found in three Lesson Presentations:

Online quran learning

Arabic language lessons online

With gradient levels beginning all the way to levels, these lessons focus on learning language, reading, writing, expression and grammar. Students taking these courses will learn to read, write and speak Arabic to the degree of fluency, joining the millions of Muslims around the world who are studying the language of the Holy Quran. The right time for you, upon reaching proficiency degrees and according to your terms and schedule

Quran lessons online

Learn the Qur’an online with great emphasis on Tajweed rulings and rules, teaching sentences, proper pronunciation and correct recitation of the Qur’an. The Holy Quran is not just words on a page. Rather, every word has meaning and significance for a Muslim’s life.

Online quran learning for learning the Tajweed is about learning how to learn creation and creativity, using the class schedule teachers program, and that over the Internet through drawing a helping hand (assistance) for students in order to master it.

Quran memorization

The teacher works with students to memorize parts of the Qur’an or the Holy Qur’an. Memorizing the Qur’an means becoming a leader and guide for the Islamic government and an inspiration to others. The Holy Quran online course has helped many Muslims in the ranks of the memoris of the Book of God through continuous progress.

What we offer in aya institute

  • It makes it easy for you to apply every step of your way to perfect learning of the Holy Quran and the Arabic language online.
  • With Aya institute online, you can learn at your own pace in your home.
  • 24/7 organization schedule is flexible around the clock
  • Provides effective online rain development services through the Internet to become a dance floor. Show time on display, while you are in the comfort of your home, teachers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can learn Arabic online.

Online quran learning, One-on-one sessions

  • Online quran learning also offers one-on-one video sessions. The following is a multimedia picture, receiving instant evaluation from a teacher (or instructor)
  • Read only the best teachers from Al-Azhar, one of the oldest Islamic universities in the world, by guiding you through a course. Automate the process of checking his / her background and academic degree. Our information in teaching the image.
  • High-level educational materials for the Holy Quran and the Arabic language
  • Your successful learning is of the utmost importance to us. Thirst is carefully designed with an educational curriculum made by experts specializing in an educational environment.
  • Start your journey through the day to learn the Holy Quran and the Arabic language

Set a date for the evaluation

  • One of our competent assessors will measure your level of knowledge, competency and your learning needs.
  • Your evaluation review report
  • An evaluation report within 24 hours that shows you your proficiency levels in both Arabic and the Qur’an; Besides another relevant information.
  • Start your lessons
  • Send an attached e-mail via e-mail. Your lessons start on the date you nominated.
  • To learn more about how to read, online quran learning, and to start your exciting journey in learning Arabic and the Holy Quran today, visit the Aya institute website

We now come to the general rules for memorizing the Holy Qur’an:

Online quran learning

The first rule: Fidelity is the secret of conquest

If a person works and exerts the effort and applies what needs to be applied and mastered the software, but there is no sincerity in his work, or if there is no trust in God Almighty, then the work is deficient.

Therefore, we find many Western reformers among the discoverers who benefited humanity with their ideas but who lost the sincerity stemming from the belief in God Almighty. We find them simply committed suicide. Therefore we must remember the Almighty saying: (Shall we tell you of those who are the greatest losers in deeds ? (They are) those whose striving in this world go astray, while they think that what they are doing are good deeds) They sought and worked hard, but their pursuit went astray because of their loss of faith and loyalty.

We thank God very much for the blessing of faith and Islam. Islam, which distinguished our nation, made us dye all that we take from the West, in terms of software and technology, with the color of Islam and wear them with the spirituality of faith. Therefore, we believe that every action is not based on sincerity and is on a cliffside.

Fidelity has a button in the heart, and at any moment, without anyone seeing you, press here on the heart and say about yourself (sincerity, then sincerity, then sincerity) then proceed to the second base.

The second rule: Learning in childhood is like engraving on a stone

These arose out of a divine rule present in the universe, a postulate of which there is no doubt, that the small memorizes more than the great, the rule is as follows:

  • When a person is born, memorization is at the top, but his understanding is nothing, so understanding is very little, and memorization rises very high.
  • Online quran learning, years of childhood and youth, until it reaches the age of twenty to twenty-five years.
  • His memorization and understanding are equal, then the memorization begins to decrease and the understanding increases more.
  • Will conservation (hifz) finally die? No, it does not die, because the special brain compartments responsible for preservation cannot die even for a hundred.
  • So, the prevailing law, the older a person grows, the less memorization becomes, but what does this law violate?
  • There is a thing called the external factor, if it is found, it strikes all the laws, so memorizing after forty becomes very, very easy.
  • This factor is: desire, determination, will, determination, vigor, high energy, if you find this in yourself, it ignites the will and strength to implement what he wants.