learn Arabic Online With Aya Institute

learn arabic online with aya institute

learn arabic online , The Arabic language The Arabic language is an ancient language spoken by 480 million people inside and outside the Arab countries, and it has a wide culture and civilization. It is a living and contemporary language, and the Arabic language is one of the global languages ​​with an international presence. These include: political, diplomatic, economic, religious, cultural, educational, tourism, and communication. All this is not the subjective motives that drive interested and educated non-Arabs to learn the language to get acquainted with the diverse Arab culture, thought and heritage.

The basics to learn arabic online for non-native speakers

Basics of learning Arabic

Paying attention to the phonemic system of the Arabic language, and focusing on displaying letters during instruction and on the different forms of letters according to their presence in the sentence. A non-Arabic speaker will have difficulty pronouncing it correctly.

Choosing the most common and widespread words, and presenting new words in examples to indicate the situations in which they are used, in order to make it easier for the learner to memorize and understand the meanings of words and benefit from them.

learn arabic online , Linking new words and vocabulary to the experiences, and the daily life of the learner, in order to accelerate and facilitate the process of learning the Arabic language.

The necessity of introducing them to punctuation marks and their uses, and despite the similarity of some punctuation marks and their use in different languages, it is necessary to explain them and explain their meanings in the Arabic language because of their importance in giving the correct meaning of the text.

learn arabic online with aya institute

The process of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers must be rich in multiple and different topics such as: historical, cultural, literary, political and economic topics. Giving learners examples of various topics enriches their dictionary with new meanings and their different uses, and improves their pronunciation and composition of sentences during speaking.

Using audiovisual aids such as videos, audio clips, and pictures to approximate the word and meaning to understand the learner.

Relying on the principle of gradual teaching in the Arabic language and dividing the educational process into levels commensurate with the learner and his goal.

Taking into account the progression in education from the easiest to the most difficult, and also starting with oral education before writing, this matter enhances the learner’s self-confidence and urges him to continue learning.

The difficulty of the Arabic language, the Arabic language

learn arabic online , It contains a lot of grammar, syntax, and equivalent and contrasting words, it is one of the richest languages ​​in the world, but this does not make it difficult or impossible to learn, but to master it completely, those wishing to learn it must make more effort and time to train and master it. Learning it will not be completed in a month or a year, it will take more time from you, and it will be great if the learner visits an Arab country, befriends people who speak Arabic and is trained to speak it most of his time, as this is one of the best ways to learn the Arabic language.

Learning languages

learn arabic online , The Arabic language has become one of the important languages ​​in the world, as it carries the greatest civilization and the greatest message at the same time, in addition to being the language of the Noble Qur’an, and from the nature of the age, and from the nature of human beings, communication and communication between them, for the purposes of learning and education, work, and exchange of cultures And other than that, non-Arabs need the Arabic language, just as we need their languages, so learning languages ​​has become a necessity for social communication between peoples, and for language learning.

Foundations of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers

Knowledge of words and concepts

Gradual knowledge of words and terminology close to the learner’s environment, and adjacent to his daily life, such as the home and its components, furniture, land and what is on it, animals and their types, foods and their varieties, the market and its components.

Adopting the style of dialogue and conversation, by activating what has been learned vocabulary and terminology.

Listening to satellite channels that speak the Arabic language, and this listening is shared between the learner and the teacher, so that the teacher mentions some Arabic words to the learner.

Conducting joint educational and entertaining trips, focusing on learning the names of places, and the things surrounding the trip.

learn arabic online with aya institute

reading and writing

  • Teaching the letters of the Arabic language reading and writing, as it is the key to learning any language.
  • Teaching the movements reading and writing.
  • Teaching the three long vowels to read and write.
  • Teaching writing each letter of the Arabic language, along with each of the three vowels, and teaching reading it as well.
  • Teaching writing each letter of the Arabic language, along with each of the three vowels, and teaching reading it as well. The distinction between writing the consonants and the consonant nun, and when they are both.
  • Knowledge of Arabic verbs and their inflections, with examples of that.
  • Training in writing Arabic sentences, including the environment close to and adjacent to the learner.
  • Providing some books specially prepared for this purpose. Learning through written conversations on social media, with native Arabic speakers.

Educational learning activities

learn arabic online , It is imperative that the learner be assigned some educational and educational activities, and follow-up on his performance. The educational is based on the skills, methods, and methods that the teacher adopts in his teaching, such as help books, recorded materials, and so on. And follow-up, such as:

  • Browse networks (the net), and interact with social networks.
  • Satellite TV follow-up.
  • Encouraging the learner to browse the Noble Qur’an, as it is a huge mine of the Arabic language.
  • Encouraging the learner to read some interesting children’s stories, as this has great benefits.

learn arabic online , any learning process in aya institute must have a clear hierarchy and sequence, and learning the Arabic language to non-native speakers is just like that, so learning is not a one-off, rather it is acquired and builds a building block, the availability of will and determination, and high motivation, is very necessary in this learning process. The learner was serious about his learning, the learning process was faster.