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The holy Quran is the main religious reference that all Muslims should follow in order to be steered towards the right path and eventually paradise. It is mandatory for any Muslim to acquire as much as possible of the immense knowledge included in the Quran. Learning Quran for a beginner entails several steps and points to be taught as well as understood.

Learning the Quran is mandatory because it’s the base on which Muslims build their faith and is the main guide regarding all worldly matters. It contains the main doctrine of the Islamic faith and a code of conduct that handles a plethora of subjects. All these subjects serve a central theme within the Quran, which is the oneness of Allah (SWT).

The first step in learning Quran is to learn how to read the Quran correctly as Allah (SWT) intended it and as the prophet (PBUH) taught his companions. Learning to read Quran might seem difficult depending on your proficiency in the Arabic language; however, this is where we, at Aya Institute, can help you. Whether your level of Arabic is beginner, intermediate, fluent, or even non-existent, Aya Institute can properly guide you, with our internally developed syllabus specially made for the sake of online learners.