5 Hadiths About Sadaqah To Change Your Perception Towards Charity

5 Hadiths about Sadaqah that will change your perception towards charity

Islam is a religion of compassion. It teaches its believers to practice the act of giving. The Prophet’s (SAW) Hadiths about Sadaqah beautifully elaborate us the importance of giving charity in Islam.

Furthermore, it can also be understood by the fact that Allah SWT made it an essential part of the deen in the form of Zakat. 

In Islam, Sadaqah refers to an act of charity that Muslims do voluntarily to please Allah SWT without any expectation of return. Not only physically or monetary but any act done with compassion, generosity and, out of love towards other Muslims counts as Sadaqah.

There are several hadiths about sadaqah that implies its importance in Islam.

The literal meaning of the word Sadaqah in Arabic is “maintaining integrity and righteousness”. It arises from the word ‘Sidq’ which means truthfulness and sincerity. 

We come to know from various hadiths related to Sadaqah that it was the Sunnah of our Holy Prophet (SAW) to give Sadaqah (or charity) regularly. He used to be more open-handed and generous than the blowing wind. [Sahih Bukhari] 

Whenever any supplant came to His (SAW) door, no one went back barehanded. The Prophet (SAW) would himself remain hungry but gave whatever he used to have in his house to the suppliants. 

What are the Different Types of Sadaqah?

Sadaqah has two main basic types in the light of the Quran and Hadiths. They are:

  1. Sadaqah (related to charity)
  2. Sadaqah Jariyah 

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Difference Between Sadaqah and Sadaqah Jariyah

Though both the words sound the same, there are quite obvious differences between them. 

Sadaqah is an act of charity or a gesture that may provide benefit in any way to the other person, animal, or simply any living thing.

They include examples like: 

  • Donating a small portion of your wealth to charity
  • Helping a stranger on the street
  • Removing any stones or hurdles from the road that can cause potential harm to anyone
  • Passing on a smile to a fellow human being.
  • To execute justice between people

Whereas, Sadaqah Jariya includes actions that provide continuous ongoing benefits to mankind. 

Sadaqah Jariyah is a source of getting rewards and blessings of Allah SWT even after a person dies. As long as your deeds and actions continue to benefit even a single soul, you will be benefited from it. 

Examples for Sadqa e Jaria include:

  • Building Mosques
  • Educating an Orphan
  • Planting a Tree
  • Donating Religious Literature

If we list out different types of Sadaqah, there are more or less 17 types of Sadaqah. Out of 17 types, the best type of Sadaqah according to our Holy Prophet (SAW) is passing on the knowledge to others.


Benefits of Sadaqah
Benefits of Sadaqah

With no doubt, verily Sadaqa has hundreds of benefits in this world and as well as hereafter. None of us can count the benefits that a person gets from doing Sadaqah to please Allah SWT.

Here are some of the benefits under the light of the Quran and Hadiths about Sadaqah of the Prophet (SAW) specifically related to the charity that a person gets from doing Sadaqa.

  • Sadaqah Helps Achieve Taqwa

The literal meaning of the word Taqwa is the Fear of Allah SWT. It is the Taqwa or Allah’s fear that helps us to be better practicing Muslims. 

Multiple ways can help us to get firm in our Taqwa including the Salat and Fasting. Additionally, another easy way to achieve Taqwa is giving Sadaqah or charity preferably in secret.

As said by Allah SWT in the Holy Quran that “No one can achieve Taqwa unless they donate something from their wealth.”

(Quran 3:92)

  • Sadaqa Cures Illness and Everts Evil Death

We have often read in the religious literature to do as much as Sadqa possible to wipe off evil forces. 

The Holy Prophet (SAW) said in one of his hadiths about Sadaqah, “Treat the unwell around you with Sadaqah (Charity)”

Sahih-Al Jami

The Holy Prophet (SAW) also mentioned that Sadaqah can avert an evil death by alleviating Allah’s anger.

  • Sadaqah is an Investment for This Life as well as Hereafter

Without any doubt, the good deeds done in this world with the sole intention to please Allah SWT will not only benefit us in this life. These actions would ultimately provide us a two-way benefit by providing us a “return-on-investment” in the hereafter for all the wealth that we’ll spend here in the way of Allah. 

  • Sadaqah Acts as a Nafs Purifier

The Muslims are instructed by Allah and His Messenger (SAW) to always try to purify their hearts and souls i.e. to practice Tazkiyah. 

The word Nafs refers to ‘self’ or ego. There are moments in life when a person is controlled by his ego that he partake in activities that are forbidden in Islam. To discourage ego, one should practice giving Sadaqa in his daily rituals. 

Furthermore, giving charity in secret helps to wear off a person’s ego and weakens the nafs (soul). Ultimately, it purifies your nafs. 


As evident from the above discussion, Sadaqah has an unusual power that affects the quality of life directly. 

Whenever we are in difficult situations in life, it is recommended by the Holy Prophet (SAW) to give Sadaqah. It is proven that Sadaqah removes difficulties. Any calamity bothering us can be wiped off by giving charity.

Secondly, there are several hadiths about Sadaqah that tell us that giving charity in secret would not only help us get stronger financially but also Allah SWT removes our sins as well.

Moreover, giving Sadaqah to the underprivileged members of the society would also create a financial balance and stability in the society by circulating wealth from the elites to the impoverished.

This is the power of Sadaqah.


There are different ways of giving Sadaqah in Islam. It can be either donating any small amount of money, planting a tree, providing shelter to the homeless, or simply passing a smile to anyone.

The Holy Prophet (SAW) not only just ordered us to give charity but instead, he guided us through the complete ethics of doing charity. 

The Prophet (SAW) led emphasis in his hadiths about giving charity in secret. Muslims are addressed to give charity without openly announcing it. 

The Holy Prophet (SAW) said that give sadaqah in a way that even your left-hand doesn’t know what your right hand has spent.

It is therefore Mustahabb to give sadaqah silently and secretly. But there’s one exception if the intention is to promote charity in the society, only then the mandatory sadaqah i.e. Zakat can be given openly. 


The Holy Prophet (SAW) has guided us in his Hadiths about Sadaqa. The following is the collection of Sadaqa hadiths in English that will inspire us to give more and more Sadqa and will shed light on the fact that giving Sadaqah only increases our wealth and not decreases.



Hadiths about Sadaqah
Hadith about Sadaqah


The Holy Prophet (SAW) said,

“Sadaqah will be the shade for a believer on the Day of Judgement.”




Sadaqa doesn't decrease wealth
Sadaqa doesn’t decrease wealth


Every single penny spent in the way of Allah will be returned in a better way. Allah SWT promises his people that whatever amount spent in the way of Allah will be returned in the multiple of 700. 

Allah’s apostle (SAW) said,

“Sadaqah does not decrease wealth”




Sadaqah hadith in english
Sadaqah hadith in english


Abu Huraira narrated that the Prophet (SAW) once said,

“Everyday two angels descend down from Heaven. One says: O Allah, repays him for everything he spends. The other says: O Allah, destroy every miser”

(Sahi Bukhari 1442)



Hadith about Sadaqah
Hadith about Sadaqah


Allah’s Last Messenger (SAW) said,

“When a Muslim does his all the deeds comes to an end except the three things. 

Sadaqah Jariya, knowledge beneficial to others and a pious descendant who prays for the descendant”

(Sahi Muslim)





Sadaqah eases hardships and removes any unforeseen circumstances from our lives. As said by our beloved Prophet (SAW),

“Give charity without delay, because it stands in the way of calamity”


FAQs about Sadaqah

Is there to recite any dua before giving Sadaqah?

There is not any such information available that the Holy Prophet (SAW) used to recite any specific dua before giving charity. There isn't any Sahih Hadith where he advised us to recite any dua before giving charity. Unless it is the dua regarding acceptance of this charity. But we can still make any dua that we want from Allah SWT while giving charity and this will be considered as tawassul (getting close to Allah by virtue of doing good deeds).

Does giving Sadaqah openly better or concealing it?

Muslims are guided by the Holy Prophet (SAW) himself that the charity should be given silently. There are hadiths that instruct Muslims that when giving charity do it so silently that not even your left-hand knows what your right hand has spent.