Kindly read our Student Policy for payment and Attendance(Updated: 22th October 2022).


  • Payment should be in advance before Starting Regular classes as our commitments with our teachers depends on timely payments.
  • If you have any remaining hours it will be saved for next Month..
  • If you would like to stop classes and you have remaining hours, we will refund it In Shaa Allah at the beginning of next Month.


  • Student should be online at the time of class.
  • If you cannot attend on time or want to postpone class, give us at least 2 hours an advanced notice that you can’t do it and you can arrange timing with your teacher to make up it.
  • If you cancel class with short notice, it will be counted as taken.
  • If you log in late, the teacher will give you the remaining time only.
  • If you do not attend, teacher will wait for you for 15 min, then session will be counted except for Sudden emergency as in Death or Sudden illness, may Allah Protect you all…
  • Teachers can’t share WhatsApp number with students, they can only communicate through Zoom and Email.

Make up classes

• ‘No make up’ if you are ‘Absent’; we pay for teacher attendance if you miss the class without further notification.

Friend Referral Policy

  • If you refer a friend, will get 20% discount for 1 Month, if Student starts with us.
  • If you refer 5 friends, you will get 20% discount for 5 Months, if they learn with us.
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