Aya Institute is a professional platform on the internet to learn Quran, Arabic Language, and Islamic Studies for kids & adults through one-to-one online sessions provided by native Arab male & female teachers.

Our staff involves experienced Quran and Arabic teachers who use the most advanced technology and new teaching techniques to make the learning of the Quran, Arabic, or Islam online much more effective and interactive.

Our tutors can communicate in Arabic and English fluently, making sure that communication and learning is effective. Moreover, all learning sessions can be scheduled according to the convenience of the students without any hassle.

Aya Institute customizes courses, lessons, and teaching techniques as per student’s age, knowledge, and interests. So, no matter your level or age, you or your children can start learning Quran & Arabic without any hassle.

Start learning Quran free by booking 2 free trial classes now without any obligation to continue learning later in case you are not satisfied with our courses or tutors.



We dream of a world where every Muslim understands the religion (Islam) and the Quran very well regardless of differences in nationalities, ages, and gender. We aim to make every Muslim in this world knows how to read the Arabic language perfectly, recite Quran with understanding, and even graduate a generate of authentic preachers & teachers who transmit the right Islamic & Quranic knowledge to the following generations.


We are doing our best by utilizing technology and developing new teaching techniques and methods every day to facilitate delivering the Quranic and Islamic knowledge to all Muslims in the world. We help Muslims from across the globe, especially those who live in non-Arabic speaking countries to learn Quran, Arabic language, and Islamic studies through one-to-one online sessions with highly-qualified tutors.


We absolutely realize that learning Arabic language and/or learning Quran represents a big challenge especially for those who are living non-Arabic speaking countries. Therefore, we adopt a special teaching methodology that makes learning Quran, Arabic, or various Islamic studies not just much easier but also safer, affordable, and convenient.

At Aya Institute, we know that the better the teacher, the better the student. Accordingly, we are very cautious and accurate upon recruiting Quran & Arabic teachers. All of our teachers have graduated from reputable institutions such as Al-Azhar University and holding Ijazah. Moreover, every teacher is being evaluated & tested before getting accepted at Aya Institute.

We also adopt the principle of flexibility and customization of the whole course of study. By nature, we are different from each other. Every one of us has certain potentials and needs. Therefore, during the 2 free trial sessions of the chosen course, the assigned Quran teacher gets to know the student’s needs and potentials. Based on the gathered information, the course’s lessons, time, and materials are customized to deliver the best online Quran, Arabic, or Islamic classes to the students.


We aid fellow Muslims across the globe to get closer to Allah through the Holy Quran.

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meet our FEATURED teacherS

Teacher Male Avatar - Aya Institute

Sheikh Mohammed Ezzat

Sheikh Mohammed Ezzat is the CEO and Founder of Aya Institute. He has more than 10 years experience in Teaching Quran. He memorized the Quran at the age of 10. He holds several Ijazat in Hafs and Ijaza in Asem. You can Listen to his Recitation from our Youtube Channel that you will find in our Website.

Teacher Female Avata - Aya Institute

Ustatha Hajer

Ustatha Hajer is a dentist, graduated from faculty of dentistry in Egypt. She finished Quran memorization at the age of 15 then she had Ijazah in qiraat Asem from ministry of Islamic affairs in kingdom of Bahrain and Ijazah of qiraat Ibn Amer Alshami from Egypt . Now she is working to get Ijazah in The 10 Qira’at.she studied Noor Albayan to help non arabic speakers to read Quran. 

Teacher Female Avata - Aya Institute

Ustatha Marwa

Ustatha Marwa is Quran and Arabic language tutor for non-native speakers. She had a long experience with 12 years working as a teacher of Qur’an ,tajweed. She can explain Al Qaida Noorania,for all levels and ages.

She has got an Ijaza in Hafs and Shoba ,and also in Warsh. She is hard working teacher. She has modern techniques for helping non-natives to read Quran in easier and more professional way.


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    FAQs About Aya Institute

    What makes learning Quran & Arabic at Aya Institute unique and effective?

    Aya Institute has highly-qualified and well-trained Quran and Arabic teachers. We utilize modern technologies including Zoom, Skype, email, Powerpoint, audio recordings, pdf e-books, and other digital materials in our teaching process. Our online classes are held in an interactive way which makes e-learning easier.
    Our Quran teachers have Ijaza in Quran recitation with Tajweed and Ijazah in Quran Memorization, as well as certificates to teach Arabic. We also provide 24/7 services. Also, we have female teachers for sisters and young kids who prefer female teachers.

    Do I need to have any computer knowledge in order to learn Quran & Arabic at Aya Institute?

    No, you don’t. We made learning very simple & easy. Anyone with basic computer knowledge and able to use normal email and Skype/Zoom whether on computer or mobile is qualified to be a student at Aya Institute.

    How to learn Quran & Arabic at Aya Institute?

    You can learn Quran & Arabic Online at AYA INSTITUTE by following 3 easy steps:

    1. Fill in The Free Trial Form – Fill in the needful data, so that the assigned tutor could contact you and confirm the appointment your selected for the free trial session.
    2. Confirm The Appointment – Once you submit your free trial request, the assigned tutor from Aya Institute will contact you within 24Hrs via email, Phone Call, or WhatsApp to confirm appointment and further details.
    3. Download Meeting App – Download Zoom app or Skype to start taking the class at the scheduled appointment. (Skype ID or Zoom Room Link is provided upon appointment confirmation)

    How much will it cost to learn online at Aya Institute?

    The average student at Aya Institute spends around $65 per month. This approximately amounts to 8 teaching hours per month or 2 hours per week which is suited for most courses and ensures the program goals are met. The pricing can be slightly different depending on the plan, available offers, and the number of students.
    There are 6 different pricing plans at Aya Institute and each plan has a different hourly rate. Additionally, the plans offer other benefits such as flexible cancellation of lessons and auto-payment discounts.

    What is the minimum age for a student to start learning at Aya Institute?

    Although every kid is different and some might have difficulty interacting with a teacher online. In general, we found that starting from age of 7, there are rarely any issues with teaching online. 
    For younger ages, a guardian might need to accompany the student during the lessons initially to provide support until the student gets used to his/her teacher.

    Where is Aya Institute located and where are teachers located?

    Aya Institute is located in Egypt. Also, most teachers are located in Egypt from the prestigious Al-Azhar University.