How To Read The Quran Daily? | Try These 8 Proven Strategies

How To Read The Quran Daily? 8 Proven Strategies

 Wondering how to read the Quran daily? Read and learn how I made my relationship stronger with the Sacred Book of Allah SWT.

I always wanted to incorporate the habit of reading the Quran daily in my life. All I wanted was to stick to this habit as my daily ritual. 

The Quran is the Holy Book of Allah SWT. Furthermore, The Holy Prophet (PBUH) has told us several times in His Hadiths about the importance of reciting the Quran. 

Many of His Hadiths highlight that The Quran will be the proof for us or against us on the Day Of Judgement. 

[Sahih Muslim]

how to read the quran daily

But unfortunately, every time I took a fresh start and pledged to read the Quran daily, either I got so overwhelmed that I spent a major part of my day reciting Quran or took long breaks between days. Whatever the cause used to be, the result was always the same. 

I wasn’t able to continue the routine for even more than a month. This used to make me a little anxious until one day when I shared my concern with my Sheikh.

That 30-minutes discussion helped me to become disciplined enough to follow the habit of reading the Quran daily. I have listed down those tips (or ‘life hacks’ according to him) here in this article. 

I pray to Allah SWT that may these strategies be equally beneficial to you as they have been for me so far.

Tip #1: Make Clear and Concise Goal

tip #1 on how to read Quran Daily

As the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “Our actions are always according to our intentions. And we only get what was intended.”

So, before starting this noble deed we need to figure out why we want to do this?

Is it because of our parents who have been telling us constantly to incorporate the habit of reading the Quran in our daily life?

Or is it because of our intrinsic feeling that wants to please Allah SWT? 

Once our intentions are only to acquire TAQWA through this noble deed of reciting the Holy Quran every day, Allah SWT will give us strength. 


Whenever you sit to recite the Holy Quran, always pray to Allah SWT that he gives the strength to complete this task successfully. Furthermore, pray to the Almighty that the recitation of the Quran softens our hearts.

Tip #2: Start Small

Tip#2 on how to read Quran daily

This is very crucial. Don’t make unrealistic resolutions. Don’t overwhelm yourself with some grand tasks at the start of your journey. 

For example, you pledged to read 3 complete Qurans in one month. That means 1 complete Quran in 10 days. Making up 3 parts of the Quran in 1 day!!!

Does it make sense? It might have.

But for someone who is struggling to read the Quran daily, these difficult approaches will only steer you towards failure and nothing else in the long run.

Remember, the goal, for now, is to read the Quran daily. You’ll get better at this. But when just starting, start small.

One ayah, one sentence, one ruku, or just one page. Everything is fine until you stick to your routine of reading the Quran daily.

Tip #3: Make the Best Use of Modern Technology

tip #3 on how to read Quran Daily

The world is evolving with each second the clock goes ahead. So is the lifestyle of human beings. Now, you don’t need to carry the Holy Quran with you, when you are traveling or at work. 

Instead, smartphone apps have made it far easier. There are hundreds of apps on Google Play and the App Store that can provide you access to the Holy Quran anywhere and anytime.

Some apps like Muslim Pro and Islam 360 have introduced some cool features like receiving daily ayah as a notification. And it’s the miracle of the Quran that these notifications are always on-point according to your mood and environment. 

Sometimes, I consider these notifications as text messages from Allah SWT. We explained how to use Al Muqri application on Youtube.

Tip#4: Listen to The Quran

tip#4 on how to read Quran daily

When we recite the Holy Quran, we not only use our tongue to read it. Instead, our eyes, fingers, and ears are also used at the same time. That is why there is more reward for a person who recites the Quran than for those who only listen to it.

Reciting the Holy Quran from any Mushaf of the Quran makes use of all the five senses. From sight to touch and the raw, organic smell of the papers of the Holy Quran. 

But, as said, something is always better than nothing.

There is still a lot of Ajr (reward) for the Muslims who prefer to listen to the Holy Quran then remain silent or indulge in sins by listening to haram music.

Tip#5: Substitute Half of Your Leisure Time Activities With Reciting Quran

tip #5 on how to read Quran Daily


It’s alright to have a hobby that you love to do in your leisure time. It can be either painting, reading, or playing video games. 

Relax…. I am not gonna ask you to replace your hobby with reading the Quran only in your leisure time. Instead, a part of your leisure time is enough. Replace 25% of your recreation time activities with reciting the Holy Quran. 

Pro Tip: 

Recite or listen to the Quran with translation. This is a more engaging way and provides two-way benefits. Firstly, you will develop an interest in reciting the Quran. Secondly, you will understand what Allah SWT is saying to us in his Sacred Book.  

Tip#6: Sign up For The Quran Classes

tip #6 on how to read Quran Daily

Enrolling in a Quran recitation course is the most effective way to develop a habit of reading the Quran every day. Additionally, learning under an expert would also help you to get better in your Tajweed and be more fluent in recitation.

When there will be someone to supervise you, there will be no chance of procrastination at all.

Online Quran classes are a new cool and modern method to learn Quran at your doorsteps. 

And in your days off from the classes, you can still recite the Quran by revising the lesson you’ll learn throughout the week.

Aya Institute provides all these facilities of 1 on 1 focused sessions under the supervision of expert Quran tutors from Al-Azhar University. 

Tip#7: Read at Fajr Time Or Before/After Every Prayer

tip #7 on how to read Quran Daily

Time around Fajr is the most peaceful time of the day. No emails, no WhatsApp messages or notifications. This is why it is considered the best time to connect to Allah SWT.

You will face fewer distractions at this time as compared to the rest of your day. Hence, reciting the Quran at this time would be far easier for you. 

You can also make the routine to read the Quran before and/or after every prayer or after any specific prayer e.g. Asr. The benefit of this strategy is you won’t need to make your wudu again 🙂

BONUS TIP: Give Yourself Some Time

Bonus tip on how to read Quran Daily

You need to understand this tip. Though it’s a bonus, it’s the most important amongst all.

Allah SWT has made us humans. Humans who get tired, who get distracted, and above all who can make mistakes. These are intrinsic qualities of a human being.

To conclude, don’t be too harsh on yourself and it’s okay if you fail to recite the Quran every day. Remember, it’s the intentions that drive our actions. And Allah SWT knows it all. 

What we need is to remain consistent and never leave the Quran recitation for more than 3 days. As it is said, “It takes months to form a habit and only 3 days to break it.” 

Remember, the goal is to remain consistent and read the Quran every day. It will be counted even if you recite a few lines only.

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