Learning Quran For Beginners

Learning Quran For Beginners

Learning Quran for beginners is needed because it is the foundation upon which Muslims develop their religion and the ultimate guidance in all matters of life.

It includes the Islamic faith’s core doctrine as well as a code of ethics that covers a wide range of topics, including social principles, judicial and civil law, as well as health and development. All of these topics are related to the Quran’s overarching concept of Allah’s oneness.

Learning Quran for Beginners

Allah bestows ten blessings on a Muslim who learns one letter of the Quran. As a result, the Quran serves as a Muslim’s path map and guide to paradise (Jannah). Learning Quran for kid at an early age instills in them the Islamic beliefs and doctrines.

Furthermore, if the Quran becomes a frequent companion in a Muslim’s everyday life, his faith is improved. Learning Quran for beginner – even though you are an adult – is surely achievable and not as daunting as it seems with extra effort and careful guidance.

Learning quran for beginners

10 Tips for Learning Quran for Beginners

  1. For an adult, learning the phonemes of a different language is extremely difficult. As a result, you will need a lot of endurance and determination to succeed. You can become frustrated if, despite your best efforts, you are unable to produce the desired sound. Remind yourself why you are doing this at all moments.
  2. Many of us believe that if you don’t know how to properly learn the Quran, it is haram. This conviction is not only incorrect but also dangerous, as it prohibits us from learning the Quran. So don’t be afraid to try to recite the Quran, even if you’re not very good at it.
  3. To practice Makhraj and Sifaat, you don’t need a set time or place. Simply say them whenever they come to mind – while daydreaming, taking a break from work, or watching television.
  4. Listen to as many Quran recordings as you can. It is best to choose a long, monotonous recitation for beginners. Listen to it and try to replicate it. You’ll notice that you’re enjoying every second of it pretty quickly.
  5. Learn Quran with Tajweed is essential for any Muslim in the world. It is a great deal in Islam and brings so many benefits to Muslims. The Quran is the sacred book of Allah, the source of guidance and knowledge to the whole of humanity, so we must learn it and recite it properly. When you learn Quran Tajwid, you will be able to read the Quran smoothly, confidently, and without hesitation.
  6. There are many methods to learn the Quran for beginner kids and adults, It has been proven that online Quran classes are the best way of learning Quran for beginners. The goal of online Quran classes at Aya Institute academy is to help students to become fluent in Quran reading in Arabic and eliminate any struggles in identifying letters and words of Quranic Arabic and their correct pronunciation.
  7. Learning Quran memorization is a great step on the righteous path seeking Allah’s pleasure and satisfaction. It involves unmatched benefits for Muslims in this life & hereafter. If you are seeking to learn Quran memorization online, Aya Institute has got you covered with a comprehensive online Quran memorization course.
  8. When you learn a new recitation rule, practice it and master it before moving on to the next rule. If you try to learn so many rules at once, you can become frustrated and feel like giving up. So, take it slowly and steadily.
  9. Use the Quran in colored letters and survey the decision for every day. Continuously read out loud to fortify your voice and control the right way to express the letters, so perusing the Quran is mandatory with the tone.
  10. Don’t be afraid to use it in your conversation until you’ve learned how to say it. Don’t be afraid of other people. Don’t be afraid of praise; instead, let it serve as a reminder of Allah’s blessings. Allah has given us the gift of correct pronunciation, and we must use it to please Him.
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Learning quran for beginners

How Do We Teach Reading the Quran in Aya Institute?

The method of teaching the Noble Quran varies according to the age of the students and their abilities.

  • If they are children, a teacher should start with Qaida Noorani by spelling the Arabic letters.
  • After mastering them, he begins writing the individual words to his students and trained them to read and correct their pronunciation.
  • When students master the spelling and reading, a teacher can present the Bismillah and Surat Al-Fatihah and trained them to recite them.
  • After that teacher goes ahead with the short surahs until the student masters them and moves on to others.
  • A teacher does not miss to allocate time to review previous lessons from time to time.
  • Show the collective recitation after the teacher has taught his students the correct method of recitation.
  • A teacher can set up competitions among them in which they compete for complete mastery according to the ability of each student.
  • The Quran can be taught to adults by reading and repeating, so the teacher reads a part of the verse and then the students repeat it behind him, and this is a guarantee of correcting Recitation for poor reading of students.
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Etiquette of Learning Quran for Beginners

The Quran is the fourth and final Holy Book, which was revealed over 23 years to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It stands out from all other books in the world because it was written by the Almighty Allah Himself. Since Allah is the Creator of these Divine Instructions, their recitation requires the implementation of a great deal of etiquette on our part as Muslims.

  • Before treating the Quran, one should have established total purity in terms of clothing and Wudu (Ablution), which is a requirement in all religious behavior.
  • Since the Quran has come from Heaven, it is necessary to give proper respect to it by sitting in a clean, respectable, and upright position.
  • Because of the elevated status of the Quran, it should be placed on a tidy and clean cushion or other support like wooden Quran rehal. It should not be placed on the floor.
  • To display proper respect for the Quran, one should follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and keep it in the right hand.
  • One must read Refuge and Bismillah when starts learning the Quran.
  • The Quran must be recited with extreme caution in terms of proper pronunciation since Arabic is an immensely complicated language in which even minor errors will cause the true definition of the phrase to be altered. As a result, one should learn Quran with Tajweed to avoid these minor errors.
  • Learn the Quran of the Creator of the entire universe slowly to better understand and absorb the true sense of its verses.
  • Wherever the Sajdah mark appears during learning the Quran, one must execute Sajdah in front of Allah to obey the privileges of the Quran. Also, when encountering numerous “Stop and Pause Signs” in between the Blessed Verses, one is directed to take sufficient pauses.
  • Due to the profound importance of Verses, one should not interrupt learning the Quran by sitting in a silent corner, away from all types of distractions, and avoiding talking to others.
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The virtue of Learning Quran for Beginners

The Quran is full of jewels that will help you succeed in life and have a variety of consequences on your personality and destiny. Ramadan is made even more remarkable by the revelation of the Quran during this month. So let us be grateful for Allah’s gift and use it to help us attain greater spiritual heights. Allah said in the Quran,

 “A Book (the Quran) which We have sent down to you, full of blessings that they may ponder over its Verses, and that men of understanding may receive admonition.” 

(Quran, 38:29)

The aim of the Quran, as mentioned in the above verse, is to bring blessings to an individual and to instill in the readers a spirit of monitoring. As a result, if one does not learn the Quran regularly, he or she is losing out on an opportunity to be inspired to explore all that Allah has provided as well as all aspects of life. As a result, to receive divine compensation, a Muslim must recite the Quran daily. The following are some virtues of the Quran.

  • The Holy Quran contains the words of Allah Almighty and is a source of inspiration for all mankind. Learning Quran for beginners will help them to make the best choices and take the right direction in this life and the next. As Allah said,

“This is the Book that cannot be questioned, a guide for all who are aware of Allah.”

(Quran, 2:2)

  • Learning Quran for beginners results in many gifts and blessings from Allah. Muslims would receive significant benefits from reciting the Quran, particularly if they do so daily.
  • On the Day of Judgment, the Quran will appear and seek justice on behalf of those who have learned and followed the Quran in their life.
  • The Quran is a concise book that teaches us how to live our lives to the fullest. It isn’t about a collection of legal guidelines. It is a teacher who teaches us new things every time we visit. It helps our morality to rise and prosper in the same way as rain helps plants.

Aya Institute provides Various types of online Quran classes for kids and adults step by step with professional highly Qualified teachers so you Learn Quran online in your home in an easy and simple way. You will Study various courses depending on your level. Beginners should start with Noorani Qaida basics, then Quran Recitation with Tajweed course, Memorization with Tajweed and Tajweed basic course.

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