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If you are seeking to learn Quran for yourself or for your kids, you must have heard the term “Tajweed”.

Actually, learn Quran with Tajweed is essential for any Muslim in the world. It is a great deal in Islam and brings so many benefits to Muslims.

The holy Quran is the sacred book of Allah (SWT), the source of guidance and knowledge to the whole of humanity, so we must learn it and recite it properly.

Allah Almighty has sent down the Quran to the beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Arabic to be easy to understand.

In this regards, Allah (SWT) says in the Quran:

Indeed, We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur’an that you might understand.

The Holy Quran [12:2]

Accordingly, in order to learn Quran Tajweed in a proper way, the Muslim should have a perfect understanding of the Arabic language specifically.

From here, the importance of tajweed comes up as the backbone of learning the Quran.

What is Tajweed? (Tajweed Definition)

The word “Tajweed” or “Tajwid” linguistically means “to make better” or “to improve”.

In terms of learning Quran, it refers to the accurate pronunciation of Quranic words according to certain rules, so that the Quran is recited the same way that our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) recited it.

Tajweed can also be defined as a set of rules for the correct pronunciation of the letters with all their qualities and applying the various Quran recitation types (Qira’at).

The Arabic language like any other language consists of sounds that should be pronounced in a certain manner in order not to change the meaning.

Tajweed plays a critical role in the correct articulation of letters & words.

Muslims from across the globe who don’t speak Arabic can learn Arabic language generally however, their articulation is inspired by their native language sound patterns.

Therefore, they are hardly able to pronounce the Quranic words in the right way. Learning Tajweed enables Muslims in non-Arabic speaking countries to pronounce the letters with all their qualities. 


Why Learn Quran With Tajweed?

Tajweed meaning shouldn’t be limited in a matter of dialect or accents. It encompasses many important properties for reading and reciting the Quran including the timing of syllables, the clarity of expressions, and how individual letters change the delivery of a word.

Allah says:

Or add to it, and recite the Qur’an with measured recitation.

The Holy Quran [73:4]

When you learn Quran Tajwid, you’ll be able to read the Quran smoothly, confidently, and without hesitation.

You’ll manage to recite Allah’s (SWT) words effortlessly with a beautiful melodious voice that shakes the hearts of listeners.

Moreover, Tajweed emphasizes the importance of a personal and spiritual connection to the holy Quran, understanding the verses in which a Muslim asks Allah Almighty for protection, mercy, wisdom, and guidance.

This makes the Muslim’s bond and faith towards Allah (SWT) much stronger.

The most important reason to learn Tajweed Quran is to avoid wrong interpretations of Quranic verses that result from mistakes in Quran pronunciation. A very slight mistake in pronouncing a letter in Quran could change the meaning of the whole Quranic verse, even more, the whole Surah.

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    How to Learn Quran with Tajweed?

    You or your kids can learn Quran with Tajweed through any of 3 main methods:

    1. Attending Tajweed classes in a near mosque or Islamic center/schools that host on-site Quran learning classes.
    2. Hiring a private Quran tutor at home to deliver Quran Tajweed classes on a regular basis.
    3. Obtaining the “Learn Quran Recitation with Tajweed” course at Aya Institute with native Quran teachers through one-to-one online sessions.

    Regardless of the method you prefer to learn Quran with Tajwid, the teaching methodology itself should rely on both theoretical recognition of the Tajweed and practical implementation of Tajweed in reciting the Quran.

    In order to learn Quran with Tajweed properly for you or your kids, you should get help from a professional Quran teacher.

    He/She will evaluate your level, provide the needful lessons in proper order, and correct your Quran recitation continuously until you excel in it.

    The Muslim who seeks to learn Quran with Tajweed should firstly know how to read Arabic well in addition to mastering the Quran reading basics.

    This basic knowledge of Quran & Arabic is usually acquired by learning Noorani Qaida.

    Moreover, learning Quran recitation with Tajweed requires dedication, commitment, and consistency.

    students must understand the fundamentals of Quranic verse as well as the challenges of proper articulation for each letter in each part of the mouth.

    The fundamentals rules of Tajweed (Infographic)
    The fundamentals rules of Tajweed (Infographic)


    Benefits of Learning Quran with Tajweed Online

    • The online Quran Tajweed classes can save your money and your effort that you could spend on going to a traditional Islamic school.
    • When you learn Quran online, you will schedule your lessons in a way that comforts you.
    • Learning takes place in an interactive and effective online environment as you will interact directly with your online tutor.
    • The correct pronunciation of the Quranic words helps to better understand Quranic verses, divine revelation, and the vital importance of the Arabic language throughout the history of Islam.
    • Tajweed Reveals the miraculous features in verses and verifies its uniqueness in the Quran.
    • Discloses the beauty and eloquence of the Arabic language.
    • Sets standards for reading the holy words against a man-written book.
    • Applying Tajweed rules attains enhanced contemplation of verses, inheriting heart-tenderness, and increasing faith.
    • Protects the Islamic text from losing identity.
    • Modulates the reading pattern by the preservation of the proper application of Arabic grammar.


    “Learn Quran Recitation with Tajweed” Course

    Quran Recitation with Tajweed Course - Aya Institute
    Quran Recitation with Tajweed Course – Aya Institute

    Aya Institute has made it easy for you or your kids to learn Quran with Tajweed online from the convenience of your home. You can take online Quran tajweed classes with highly-qualified male & female Quran teachers from Al-Azhar University through one-to-one online sessions.

    “Learn Quran Recitation with Tajweed” Course will help you or your kids will study all the rules of Tajweed and manners of articulation to be able to pronounce the Harakat properly with practical application.

    Our specialized Tajweed teachers will walk with you or your children step-by-step from the basics of Quran reading to the excellent recitation with Tajweed. So, you never have to worry if you don’t have any background in the Arabic language or the Quran.

    What to Learn in The online Tajweed Course

    1. Tajweed: The Foundations
    2. Al-Isti‘aatha & Al-Basmalah
    3. Al-Noon Al-Saakinah
    4. Noon And Meem Mushaddadah
    5. Tajweed Definition and Origin
    6. Rules of Tajweed
    7. Introduction to Qiraat
    8. Al-Isti‘aatha & Al-Basmalah
    9. Noon And Meem Mushaddadah
    10. Al-Meem Al-Saakinah
    11. Al-Qalqalah
    12. Ahkaam Al-Madd (Madd Rules)
    13. Al-Laam Al-Shamseeyah
    14. Al-Laam Al-Qamareeyah
    15. Hamzah
    16. The Connecting Hamzah
    17. The Cutting Hamzah
    18. The Silent and Pronounced Alif
    19. Preventing Two Saakins From Meeting
    20. Makhaarij Al-Huroof
    21. Sifaatul Huroof
    22. Levels of Tafkheem (encapsulates letters that are always mufakham)
    23. Tafkheem and Tarqeeq of the letter Raa’
    24. Al-Idghaam

    How to Get Ijazah in Quran Recitation with Tajweed?

    Ijazah in Quran Recitation with Tajweed is a certificate from the Shaykh to the student, it states that the student has recited the whole Quran precisely with Tajweed rules and they are now connected to the Sanad of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

    In order to obtain an Ijaza in Quran memorization with Tajweed, you can take an online Ijazah course at Aya Institute with certified Sheikhs.

    They will evaluate you to determine your current level in Quran recitation & tajweed. Based on this evaluation, they will customize the Ijazah program for you and determine the number of classes, and proper learning methodology.

    During the online Ijazah classes at Aya Institute, you will learn the meaning and purpose of “Ijazah”. Then, according to the predefined plan, you will recite a certain portion of the Quran to the tutor, and the tutor will provide the necessary guidance accordingly.

    Once you complete the Ijazah learning path, you’ll be required to recite the whole Quran with Tajweed correctly from Mushaf (The Holy Quran Book) to obtain the Ijazah certificate. 

    Example of Quran Recitation with Tajweed by the Sheikh. Mohamed Ezzat, Aya Institute

    learn Quran reading with tajweed juz 30
    Free Quran Learning Service2  - Aya Institute

    Can you learn Quran online?

    Yes, you can learn Quran online. Aya Institute is an online platform that provides various online courses to help you learn the Quran online, Islamic Studies, and Arabic Language at the ease and comfort of your home.

    How long does it take to learn Tajweed?

    It may take 3 Months to Finish Theoretical rules of Tajweed but you should have a strong background of Arabic Reading. Application OF Tajweed rules may take 6 months to be able to recite the Quran fluently with Tajweed

    Is it necessary to read Quran with Tajweed?

    The Holy Quran is the word of Allah. The recitation of it must be taken seriously. Tajweed is a science that aims to improve a reciter's ability to recite the Holy Quran. If an individual does not understand the characteristics of each letter, the meaning of the words in the Holy Quran recitation can be altered. When reciting the Holy Quran, the reciter follows the laws of Tajweed to avoid making errors. As a result, Tajweed is needed when reading the Quran.