How to Memorize Quran Online Fast & Easy?

How to Memorize Quran Online Fast & Easy - Aya Institute

How to Memorize Quran Online? This question has been asked several times by many Muslims who want to learn Hifz Quran but can’t attend regular Quran memorization classes at a Mosque or Islamic center/school.

Learning Quran memorization is a great step on the righteous path seeking Allah’s (SWT) pleasure and satisfaction.

There are several hadiths of the Holy Prophet (SAW) that tells us about the benefits that Muslim get from memorizing the Book of Allah.

It involves unmatched merits for Muslims in this life & hereafter. The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

Such a person as recites the Qur’an and masters it by heart, will be with the noble righteous scribes (in Heaven). And such a person exerts himself to learn the Qur’an by heart, and recites it with great difficulty, will have a double reward.

Hadith [Sahih al-Bukhari 4937]

Although memorizing Quran is a very noble and important act for every Muslim, some Muslims don’t do it! This could be either because of not being able to find good teacher, lack of time, daily busy schedule, or school and homework in the kids’ case. But most importantly, the biggest hurdle is finding an experienced teacher who make memorizing Quran fast and easy.

Luckily, technology development came and made all these excuses not valid anymore.

Nowadays, you or your kids can learn Quran online anywhere and anytime in the world. Yes, anytime that suits your schedule, and through multiple devices. 

As said, multiple ways are now available to learn and memorize Quran. But unfortunately, not everyone of them is equally effective and fruitful. With some research and experience, here in this article, we’ll explain the 3 most effective methods and tips to memorize Quran online fast & easily.

METHOD 1: Memorize Quran Online with Online Quran Tutor

With no doubt, the best method to memorize Quran online is getting an online Quran tutor for yourself. Yes, in order to learn how to memorize Quran online fast & easy, you should get help from a professional Quran tutor.

Multiple advantages of this method makes it the most result-oriented method. The online Quran teacher will guide you along your online easy Quran learning journey. But with Aya Institute, our tutors will also ensures your commitment, discipline, and consistency in memorizing Quran which is the most common problem facing those who learn on their own.

The best advantage of Quran memorization online with a professional scholar is flexibility and effectiveness.

The online Quran tutor assesses your knowledge of Quran. Based on this evaluation, he/she will devise a proper learning strategy to complete the process of Quran memorization fast.

Even if you have no prior knowledge in Quranic Arabic, your Quran teacher can start with you from the basics. You’ll learn Noorani Qaida online, Quran Tajweed, then commence Hifz Quran online.

Online Quran Memorization Course

Quran Memorization Course | Aya Institute
Quran Memorization Course | Aya Institute

However, as highlighted that the biggest hurdle for online Quran education is finding a good online Quran academy. In just one click when you are flooded with numerous online Quran institutions, its difficult to find one which has a proper curriculum, a strategy and experience team of professional Quran tutors.

If you are seeking to learn Quran memorization online from any of such online Quran academy (for you or for your kids), Aya Institute has got you covered with a comprehensive online Quran memorization program.

This course will help you to learn Hifz Quran along with proper Tajweed rules through on-to-one personalized online sessions to become Hafiz/Hafiza of the Quran

AYA INSTITUTE’S Way Of Quran Memorization:

At Aya Institute with the help of the world’s renown Quran teachers, we have devised a perfect curriculum to memorize Quran online.
Everyday, our teachers follow a sequential and strategic way of teaching that makes the Quran memorization very effective. 

You or your kids will learn to memorize the Quran in a practical and interactive way, implementing the Tajweed rules in the process.

Moreover, with expert Quran tutors at Aya Institute, you’ll learn Tafsir Al Quran online in the process.

You’ll understand the meaning of the verses that you memorize and the reasons behind revealing them. This could amplify your memorizing capability and strengthen your relationship with the Holy Quran.

This course is also completely customizable to learn Quran memorization for kids online in a fun & easy way to learn Quran. With the assistance of professional Quran teachers who have Ijazah, your kids can learn how to memorize Quran fast online, different techniques for fast memorization, and how to overcome forgetfulness.

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    METHOD 2: Memorize Quran Online Through Pre-Recorded Courses

    Another popular way for eLearning Quran is online Quran pre-recorded courses. This type of Quran education depends on self-learning in which students choose time, place, and speed of learning.

    It’s considered a great method to memorize Quran online fast and easy as well. Yet, it lacks 2 elements that could be obstacles for some types of Quran students:

    1. Absence of live interaction between student & teacher.
    2. Low chance of commitment and consistency due to the absence of supervision & guidance.

    Furthermore, absence of a tutor would lead to procrastination. And no check and balance will eventually causes delay in the memorization process and also effect the quality of memorization.

    One of the unique feature that we can get with Quran memorization pre-recorded courses is that you can watch it anytime and repeat it as much as you like. You can also memorize the holy Quran with your family or friends by watching videos together.

    Online Quran Memorization Pre-Recorded Courses

    Udemy & Aya Intitute Quran Course
    Online Quran Pre-Recorded Courses – Aya Institute & Udemy

    There are many pre-recorded courses out there to learn Hifz Quran online free and many more for affordable prices.

    We have prepared you a list of few of the best Hifz Quran recorded courses to help you get started:

    1. Free Quran Memorization Course on YouTube
      YouTube is a good source of free courses on the internet. But out of hundreds of videos it gets overwhelming and difficult to find a good and reliable course.

      Quran Academy offers one of the best FREE short Quran memorization courses on YouTube. It also provides with tips about Quran memorization techniques. Check out the link to get an idea of the process of Quran memorization.
    2. Qur’an Memorization for Kids: Build Quran Recitation Fluency on Udemy
      At Aya Institute, we recognized the need that our students who prefer learning through recorded lectures were having difficulty in relying on any random course on the internet. Hence, with some research we have come up with a recommendation for recorded lecture course on Udemy.

      This is  premium course that will help you to memorize the last ten chapters of the Quran and learn the writing of Arabic alphabets and pronunciation of letter words.
    3. Quran Memorization Course. A proven system to do it easy NOW on Udemy
      Heres, another good recommendation of Quran memorization course on Udemy. This course is unique in its way that it also teaches the four different techniques and approaches for fast Quran memorization and also covers tips to sharpen the learning memory.


    METHOD 3: Memorize Quran Online Through Quran Memorization Apps

    Understanding the fact that not every Muslim can dedicate full-time memorize the Quran at an Islamic center/school, so, again the advanced technology provides us with a portable solution to learn Quran fast & easily.

    Since we carry our smartphones everywhere we go, it’s a very good chance to use it in a satisfying Allah (SWT) and earn good deeds by learning Hifz e Quran.

    Many Quran memorization apps have been introduced, both free and paid that you can download & install on your smartphone to memorize Quran online anywhere and anytime.

    With online Quran memorization apps, you can learn Quran with different techniques, fun games, and social motivation. You’ll be achieving your Hifz goals easier and faster.

    Quran Memorization Apps

    The best App to memorize the Quran (Muqri App) – Aya Institute

    When search on Play Store and App Store, you will find numerous apps that focus on Quran memorization. But not every app is worth trying for your Quran memorization journey. In order to help your or your kids to memorize Quran online, we have prepared the following list of Quran Memorization Apps for you:

    1. Memorize Quran App
      Memorize Quran App helps you to memorize the Quran. We understand that just memorization is not enough, Therefore Easy Quran Memorizer comes up with many additional features to assist the revision process.
    2. Easy Quran Hafiz – Quran Memorization App
      Easy Quran Hafiz – Quran Memorization App is a free Islamic educational app that helps you how to memorize Quran online easily. And it has supported translation and transliteration in English.
    3. Memorize Quran for Kids – Hizb
      Memorize the Quran for kids is an application developed by, it helps Muslim children and even adults to easily memorize the last Hizb of the Quran. You can choose between two modes (verse by verse or word by word).


    learn Quran reading with tajweed juz 30
    Free Quran Learning Service2  - Aya Institute


    In the light of above discussion, we can surely say that online Quran memorization have several advantages over traditional way of Quran memorization at a madrasah. One-on-one focused online sessions under the guidance of expert tutors and strategic curriculum is the method that stands out according to us.

    Certified tutors, personalized classes with flexible timing schedule and affordable fee structure is all that makes this method best of all. 
    Furthermore, online Quran memorization with Aya Institute helps to achieve the goal of memorization in the desired time frame without the fear of any procrastination. 

    Claim your FREE trial today and become the part of one of the world’s best online Quran institutes.

    Aya Institute also provides a 2-Day FREE TRIAL for anyone willing to become 

    How long does it take to become a Hafiz?

    It depends on memory, time, and effort you put in. For ordinary people, anywhere from 2 years to 4 years (may vary more or less depending on circumstances). It is also dependant on whether there is a teacher or self-learning.

    What is the fastest way to memorize Quran?

    Recite a single ayah at least 5 or 6 times while reading it on the page. Then, lower your book or look away from your computer and try to recite it out loud from memory. If you get stuck, refer to your Qur'an or audio recording. Depending on how good you are at memorizing, this could take you anywhere from 2 to 30 minutes. Once you think you memorize the ayah, revise from the beginning of the surah up to the ayah after your recent ayah without the Qur'an to make sure you might not forget it.

    How can I improve my Quran memorization?

    You can improve your Quran memorization by following these tips, Rise Early In the Morning. Set Realistic Goals and Memorize Less Than You. Think You Can. Use the Familiarity Technique. Keep Daily Verses Close at Hand. Recite What You Memorize In Every Salah. Track Your Goals. Distraction-Free Environment. Review What You Memorize as Many Times as Possible In a Single Day.