How to Learn The Quran Fast and Easy? | Simple Guide

How to Learn The Quran Fast and Easy?

How to Learn The Quran Fast and Easy?

Either you are a newly converted Muslim or a parent of a child who needs to learn Quran fast and easy, you have come at the right place. Every Muslim wishes to read Quran in a way that pleases Allah SWT and His Prophet (SAW). But few scholars and tutors have made learning Quran look extra-ordinary difficult that now the beginners carries a subconscious thought of not capable enough to learn Quran like the Qaris on televisions and YouTube. But at the end of this article you’ll be adamant that learning Quran is fast and easy. And that anyone who has dedication can do it in a short span of time. 

Millions of Muslims around the world seek to learn the Noble Quran to be closer to Allah and by the Sunnah of His Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). So this article is about how to Learn the Quran easily for children and adults fast and easy through online Quran teaching.


Islam is a complete set of guidelines for living. Muslims are lucky that Allah has directed them in everything through the Holy Quran. Reading and learning the Quran is required in reality to comprehend the teachings of Islam.

Muslims as well as non-Muslims both respect and get benefits from the Quran. Above everything, there are no age restrictions for studying the Quran.

It is also the only book that would be easy to read and remember. In reality, you can read the Holy Quran with translation and memorize it thoroughly for a deeper understanding.

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How to Learn The Quran Fast and Easy?

Learning Quran with Tajweed

The Holy Quran includes Allah’s words, which He revealed to mankind as a divine source of law. It contains rules and suggestions for all facts of life, as well as references to the afterlife. The Holy Quran must be read, written, and recited correctly and precisely to avoid any misunderstanding or confusion because of its significance.

“And read the Quran with measured recitation,”

Allah Almighty said to His Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) in the Holy Quran (73:4).

Tajweed Rules are a specific set of rules that we need to follow while reciting the Holy Quran. Learning Tajweed make us capable to learn and recite Quran like the Holy Prophet (SAW) and His Sahaba (R.A) used to do. The literal meaning of Tajweed are ‘to beautify or enhance’. And by learning Tajweed correctly this is what we exactly do with our recitations i.e. beautifying it.

The Holy Quran was revealed in seven different dialects. In other words, when the Angel Jibreel (Gabriel) recited Allah’s words to the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), he did so in a specific way, and he demonstrated to the Prophet (Peace be upon him) the various ways in which the Holy Quran could be recited.

So, it is obligatory to obey specific rules to recite it in the manner in which it was announced.

People often inquire about how to learn Quran fast and efficiently, and they plan to finish it as soon as possible. The first and foremost answer to address them is learning the Quran requires a basic understanding of Tajweed.

As said, learning Quran effectively is no difficult at all. But at the same time, it requires some dedication and a lot of practice under an experience guidance. When learning new things, it is always suggested to learn from a mentor because they can make the process much easier and fruitful. So, your first step in learning Quran fast and easy is to get yourself a proficient Quran tutor.

You can read the Quran quickly and fluently if you spend time studying the basic Tajweed and learning Noorani Qaida. You should learn all the Tajweed rules to learn the Quran quickly.

Secondly, if you need to learn the Quran fast and effectively, you need to clear your mind from any sort of strees or unnecessary thoughts before beginning your online Quran classes, and concentrate solely on your target. 

You will learn the Quran quickly if you use these methods. It will, however, necessarily require hard work, commitment, and consistent efforts on your part.

If you are a beginner, we have broken the steps of learning Quran for you below: 


Significance of Learning the Quran

The Quran are the words of Allah SWT which he revealed on the Holy Prophet (SAW). Besides our holy book, the Quran is the complete code of life. From birth to death, it is has the knowledge of everything that we need to know for being a better human being. From basic ethics and moral values to guidelines for doing business, the Quran teaches everything.

That is why before learning to read the Quran, one should understand the significance of learning the Quran so that our learning sessions can be more effective and we finish Quran with deeper understanding of the commands of Allah SWT. 

  • The Quran is a comprehensive guide to life and the afterlife.
  • The teachings of the Holy Book are crucial to our progress.
  • There is also an excessive amount of reward from Allah for reading and studying the Quran.
  • The next point is that Muslims believe in an afterlife and the day of judgment. Quran instructs us on how to succeed in life, the afterlife, and the day of judgment.
  •  Above all, Muslims are obligated to read the Quran.
  •  It assists in enlightening the lives with Allah’s correct teachings.

Recent Technology to Learn Quran Online

Humans are much more mature and technologically enriched in the twenty-first century. With the advent modern technologies, the world has been shrunken to small electrical gadget. With that said among other things, innovative cutting-edge technologies can aid in learning the Quran and Arabic online more effectively. Similarly, these technologies have allowed us to study the Quran from the best teachers of the world without leaving the comfort of our home..

Online Quran learning is very easy nowadays because of the presence and use of several Quran apps that facilitate online Quran learning. These devices can aid in faster understanding and improved comprehension.

In Aya Institute, we use Zoom and Skype applications for conduction of Quran and Arabic sessions as they are highly efficient apps that allow engagement of teacher and student during online Quran teaching. Furthermore, with Aya Institute you get the chance to learn from the best tutors from the Al-Azhar University, Cairo.  

Requirements to learn Quran Online Fast and Easy

Wondering, what things you need to learn Quran with any good online Quran teaching academy? Worry not, because Aya Institute is here to guide you. 

The following five are the essentials that you must have to make your online Quran learning fast and easy.

1. Stable Internet Connection

The online Quran classes require a stable internet connection. One may be unable to attend Quran classes if he/she cannot connect to the internet at the time of class. It can make them unable to learn correctly because of the danger of skipping the Quran lessons. Theredfore, it is recommended to get a stable internet connection for learning Quran online.

2. Soundproof Surrounding Environment

The surrounding environment influences learning. If someone is studying the Holy Quran while sitting on the street, they cannot pay full attention. Same goes for the rooms with TV or having family members. This renders such a person unable to learn everything needed.

So, one must create an atmosphere in which there is a soundproof area visible. Strict following of the measures mentioned above can put great assistance in the learning of the Quran online.

3. Faster Interpretation and Memorization

The key to successful learning of anything is three things: Dedication, Consistency and Patience.

It took a lot of practice and commitment to learning the Quran. If someone wants to memorize the Quran, he must practice memorization regularly. One should ensure that he is on time, and this requires proper planning when he can be able to practice absolutely.

The Quran is a book that should be put into practice. It undoubtedly assists us with all of our questions and problems. In reality, we comprehend and apply the Quran’s teachings. This understanding-based learning aids in faster interpretation and memorization.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said:

“An individual who memorizes and recites the Qur’an will be among the noble, virtuous scribes (in Heaven). And whoever puts in the effort to memorize the Qur’an and recite it with difficulty will be rewarded twice”.

Al-hadith – Sahih al-Bukhari-4937.

4. Practice Many Times a Day

It is a good idea to practice with your teachers, parents, or colleagues. Regular practice can inspire to read the Quran with greater zeal. Most importantly, be persistent and determined, and practice many times a day.

If you are a woman, you can seek out female tutors, who are also available online. Learn the Quran in small pieces first. Recite your lessons in various prayers during the day. Second, for better consistency, read the Quran whenever it is convenient.

5. Steadiness and Courage

Nothing is impossible with continuous and consistent attempts to meet the goals. To begin, make sure to finish daily lessons on time while studying the Quran.

It requires a lot of steadiness and courage. Keeping in mind the supreme blessing and reward and looking for it can make it even easier to learn the Quran.

By Following the above simple techniques, your online Learning process will be faster and easier, so if you have the desire for Quran learning in an easy and simple way, you should be patient, it may take few months to Improve your recitation if you are practicing every day and may take many years if you are not practicing.

Learning Quran is not just memorization, it’s Arabic Reading, Quran Recitation, understanding the meaning through Tafsir, listening to beautiful recitation.

We know all of this can be a little overwhelming to you. Therefore, we would encourage you to relax and let Aya Institute take care of everything. Just get yourself enrolled in Aya Institute’s learn Quran recitation course and leave the rest on us. 

These are Online Quran Courses in Aya Institute

How to Learn The Quran Fast and Easy?

The Steps for Quran Learning for Kids and Adults are: Learning Qaida Noorani and Arabic Reading course. Start Recitation Of the Quran with Tajweed with your teacher. Continuation of Learning to make sure that your Recitation is improving. Daily Practicing at least 10 mins through Listening and Repeating, you can use Al-Muqri App in your practice.

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