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Read the quran online with Aya institute

Read the Quran online with Aya institute,
Read the Quran online with Aya institute The verses of the Noble Qur’an must be read in an enjoined rhythm, just as they were revealed without deletion or addition, taking into account the provisions of waqf and initiation, and the reader should be familiar with as much of the Qur’an sciences as he can. It is for the sake of science and its superiority, and since the legal rulings, commands, and prohibitions of the Qur’an do not understand the right of understanding except by sound recited reading.

There are three ways of reading the Holy Qur’an, and it is intended by the methods how to read in terms of speed and slow, not in terms of changing the modalities, Ali bin Malik said that Umm Salamah – may God be pleased with her – asked about the Prophet’s reading – may God bless him and grant him peace – and she described it as a reading that is explained letter by letter.

Read the quran online with Aya institute

Ways to read the Quran online

The linguistic investigation is an exaggeration in bringing something to its right, without adding or diminishing it, and its goal is to attain the truth of the thing and to determine what it is.

Verification idiomatically: It is the reassurance of reading the Noble Qur’an, with the aim of learning, taking into account the consideration of the meanings and rulings, and the investigation, which is the doctrine of Hamzah, and whoever is narrated about him extending the disconnected to the point of saturation, so that each letter is given its right from the saturation of the tide, achieving the whisper, and the investigation is the most reassuring order.

It is the desired position in the place of education, but it is necessary to pay attention to the extreme slow in which there are some stretching and excessive satisfaction of movements. So that a letter is not generated from a movement, such as becoming a Wawa.

Twirling in the language is mediating, and twirling in the terminology is called that because reading in it revolves between investigation and reduction, meaning that it mediates them, and it is reading in an intermediate state between Ta’udha and hastening, taking into account the rulings.

The decline in language: is decline and speed. Idiomatically: it is the inclusion of reading, and the acceleration of it, taking into account the non-cutting of letters and the departure of ghann, and it is the doctrine of Ibn Katheer, Abu Amr, Abu Jaafar, and Ya`qub, and every one on whom it was narrated Qasr al-Separate, and the rank of al-Hudr is not appropriate except for the skilled and masterful reciter.

The reader merges the letters, meaning he puts them together, and the meaning becomes distorted.

read the Quran online (Quran recital)

The three ranks are permissible for all the imams, so whoever extends to the degree of saturation can recite the order of tidy or twirling, but the greatest of the ranks is the rank of investigation, then the rank of rotation, then the rank of tidy, as for recitation it is an adjective of recitation and not a qualitative or method.

It includes verification, reduction, and rotation, and Imam Ibn al-Jazri was silent in his system of recitation, but he mentioned it in his book Al-Nashar in the Ten Recitations. As he indicated that the recitation is a source of a chant, and we say the hymn of so-and-so, that is, he followed each other with understanding and without haste.

It must be noted that the three movements known in the Arabic language have a specific time for their pronouncement, and if this time increases, they generate from the fatha alif, and the dhamma if the time for its pronunciation increases, it will generate from it Waw, and the kasrah has a specific time if it increases from it it gives birth to the Ya.

Read the quran online with Aya institute

How to read the Holy Quran

One of the most important conditions and etiquette to read the Quran online is purity, and ablution is not valid without purity, and for this, purity and ablution must be required, and as a matter of venerating the rituals of God is touching the Noble Qur’an for purity and ablution.

After ablution, you must go to the qiblah. Because reading the Noble Qur’an is for the heart, so the Muslim directs his heart because he intends God Almighty for reward and reward. It is not correct to read the Qur’an while a person is cross-legged, reclining, or busy with something, because this is contrary to the principles of reading the Qur’an. If he does that, it is tantamount to what he reads as ordinary words, and he does not direct his heart to God Almighty and does not improve his fear.

The recitation during the reading of the Holy Qur’an and is why it is necessary to know the rulings of intonation so that each letter takes its correct pronunciation, as well as recitation carefully, pondering and not rushing in the reading. The purpose of reading is not how many surahs have been read or how many times the Qur’an has been sealed, but looking carefully and taking into account what the verses recommend.

Read the Quran online and follow its instructions

Read the Quran online without applying it has no desired benefit. The basic principle of reading is worship and drawing closer to God Almighty. When starting to recite the surahs of the Noble Qur’an, it is necessary to seek refuge from the cursed Satan in implementation of the commands of God Almighty as he said in his book (so if you read the Qur’an, then seek refuge in God from the Holy Qur’an. Reading in a low voice or being secretly in it, so it is not permissible to confuse others and hypocrisy in reciting.

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