Learn Arabic via Arabic Grammar Lessons by Aya Institute

Learn arabic via arabic grammar lessons by aya institute

Arabic grammar lessons, Language is the translation of thought, and the method of communication between human beings, and among the most widespread languages ​​in the world is the Arabic language, and it is called the language of Dhad, and it is spoken by about 300 million people, who are residents of the Arab world, and a group of other regions. Like Senegal, Iran, and others, which are one of the most important Semitic languages, and have great importance, especially from the religious point of view.

Because it is the language of the two main legislative sources in Islam, namely the Holy Qur’an and the Noble Prophet’s Sunnah. Thus, whoever wants to perform ritual acts and read the Qur’an must master the Arabic language, know its letters and the basics of its grammar, and for this reason and for other reasons such as scientific reasons, many foreigners have come to learn it, and the article will be presented. The most important methods of teaching Arabic to foreigners.

Methods of teaching Arabic to foreigners

Arabic grammar lessons, Due to the beauty of the Arabic language, its importance and its place among the languages, it has been noticed that many non-native speakers are learning it, for many purposes, either scientifically. This is because of their desire to expand their knowledge, their culture, and their desire to learn a new language, or for religious purposes.

This is due to their entry into Islam and their need to learn Arabic in order to perform their rituals and duties in correct ways, and for many other purposes. There are various methods of teaching Arabic to foreigners, and the method is intended:

The curriculum to be followed in teaching the Arabic language, and choosing the appropriate method depends on the environment and conditions of the students who are about to learn it, as each method has its pros and cons, and among the methods of teaching Arabic to foreigners:

Learn arabic via arabic grammar lessons

Grammar and translation method

It is one of the first methods to learn arabic grammar lessons, and its primary goal is to teach them the rules and memorize them, and education in it is based on the existing translation between the Arabic language and the language of the learner, so it mainly depends on strengthening the skills of reading and writing, and completely marginalizing the skill of speaking, and this is one of its main disadvantages.

The direct method in Arabic grammar lessons

The direct method pays much attention to the skill of speech, unlike the previous method; Where the sentence is related to the situation in which it is said, far from translation and grammar.

It depends on the use of language structures and projecting them to the situation only, and the direct method, even if it is important in developing the skill of speaking.

However, marginalizing the rest of the skills, and following the tradition of those structures only, may negatively affect learning the Arabic language in all its aspects.

Oral auditory method in Arabic grammar lessons

 At the outset, it depends on introducing students to the phonemic system of the Arabic language through the sense of hearing with some translation, in an attempt to facilitate some of the difficulties encountered by the student, and through verbal communication, students can practice the skill of speaking spontaneously and with pleasure.

A moral relationship arises between the student and the language, so he uses what he hears in other situations that are similar to the situations he previously heard in.

In general, there are general methods and steps that must be followed while teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers, and things that the student must know before entering the world of the Arabic language and practicing it more broadly, namely:

  • Introducing the student to the Arabic language, talking about its aesthetics and importance, showing its position among languages, appealing to students in it, and awakening the passion within him to learn a new language.
  • Information progression; Any: moving gradually from the easy to the more difficult. Use of illustrations, signals, audio, and audio recordings, especially when learning the skill of conversation.
  • Reliance mainly and completely on the Arabic language during giving and explanation. Thus, the article presented the most important methods of teaching Arabic to foreigners.
Learn arabic via arabic grammar lessons

The efforts of scholars in teaching Arabic to foreigners

The Arabic language has become a special place since the Noble Qur’an was revealed in it, and that was a primary motivation for learning the language. This is to understand the Holy Quran more, with other motives: As the Arabs were the people of sovereignty since ancient times, and their language was one of the dominant languages ​​as well.

As it was the means of their communication with the caliphs, and as a result the Arabic language gained the attention of scholars since ancient times. They took care to teach it to non-native speakers, as this is one of their religious rights.

This was mentioned in Ibn Taymiyyah’s saying: “The soul of the Arabic language is a religion, and knowing it is an obligation, because understanding the Qur’an and Sunnah is an obligation, and it is not understood without understanding the Arabic language, and what is not fulfilled without it is an obligation.”

Among the sayings of the Companions regarding the importance of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, Abu Uthman al-Nahdi said: “The book of Umar bin Al-Khattab – may God be pleased with him – came to them while they were in Azerbaijan, instructing them to do things.

And he mentioned in it: Learn Arabic. The efforts of scholars in teaching Arabic to foreigners have varied and graded on several levels, as a step by them in facilitating learning Arabic for non-native speakers, and some of those efforts are:

On the grammatical level

Arabic grammar lessons, where the science of grammar was developed by Abu al-Aswad al-Dawali, which helps to straighten the lips of those who want to learn Arabic from non-Arabs, just as Abd al-Qaher al-Jarjani made efforts in methods of teaching Arabic to foreigners.

He has authored several books to facilitate grammar. To make it easier to learn Arabic.

On the phonological level

Arabic grammar lessons, as for the phonemic level, the scholars confronted the phenomenon of the ajma and the mixing of some letters with each other. Where they dealt with the explanation of the exits of the letters in detail, and among them was Khalil bin Ahmad Al-Farahidi, the author of the first dictionary.

Ibn Sina’s book “The Reasons for the Occurrence of the Letters” was an important book in talking about the exits and qualities of the letters, and it also spoke about the letters similar to the letters of the Arabic language in other languages.