What is Tafsir of Quran?

What is tafsir of quran?

what is tafsir ? Tafsir of the Noble Qur’an is to clarify its meanings, to clarify the aspects of rhetoric and miracles in it, and to explain the reasons for revelation, beliefs, judgment and rulings that the verses contained in it.

There are also the approaches of the commentators and what is meant by the methods and characteristics that characterize the tafsir and the methods of collecting the methodology and the method and the approach is the committed way means that the approaches of the commentators are The methods and conditions that they followed in their tafsirs.

These approaches are varied, and the commentators among them are those who mention his condition in his tafsir, and some of them do not mention that.

If the methods are the methods that the interpreter followed in his tafsir, then they become his rules for tafsir, or they have become characteristics and characteristics for him in his tafsir.


what is tafsir and The importance of tafsir of the Holy Qur’an

The Noble Qur’an is the word of God – the Glory and the Exalted -, the speech of God to His servants, including the orders and prohibitions included in it, and the eternal constitution of Muslims, which must be understood to be able to work according to.

The goal of understanding the discourse lies in working with it, for work is the great fruit, so reading the Qur’an brings great reward, reward and great merit, but the greatest fruit lies in work, and there are many aspects of the nation’s need to understand the Qur’an and be guided by it.

Among these aspects is their need for the Qur’an to deal with others regardless of their differences, and warn them of what God has warned of, and their promises to those who violate the command of God with severe punishment and torment, and their great need for the Qur’an.

The seeker of knowledge must be guided by the people’s need to interpret the Qur’an, explain its meanings, invite them through the Qur’an, remind them of it, warn people against warnings, and preach to them what is good for them to those who believe in God and follow the guidance.

Separate them between truth and falsehood, and remove people from Darkness comes to light, and what is meant is the need of people to understand the Qur’an to know its meanings, as this is a necessity, as it is necessary to call upon God – glory be to Him – with insight into what is taught of the meanings of the Qur’an.

What is tafsir types?

There are many types of tafsir of the Noble Qur’an, while the following is an explanation of its types, and a detail of the importance of each type:

Analytical tafsir

This type is considered the first in the types of tafsir, and it is the basis for the rest of the types, and it is the most common in what scholars author, and most books of tafsir are classified according to that method, and the task of the commentators,
to clarify the meanings of the words and structures, their rhetoric, the systems, the reasons for revelation, and the sayings of the commentators in the verse, with reference to mention the rule of the verse, and what is related to it, and attention to stating the relationship between the verses, and the appropriate between the surahs, and some may discuss in detail the sayings of scholars on a grammatical, rhetorical, or jurisprudential issue.

The overall explanation

What is tafsir ? This type of tafsir is concerned with mentioning a summary of what was mentioned in the tafsir of the verses, without being subject to mentioning the details, and the tafsir briefly, and this type is the closest to the meaningful translation of the Holy Qur’an, as it is suitable for the general public, and its examples: Tafsir Abd al-Rahman al-Saadi.

Comparative tafsir

  • The importance of comparative tafsir lies in the ability to find the faculty of tafsir that is achieved from various different sciences and knowledge, whether in language, grammar, or rhetoric, and the cultures related to that, and investing them in order to reach what God Almighty wants.
  • Then the comparison and the balance that is based on sound and scientific rules that connect the interpreter to find out the reasons for the difference of the commentators, and to find out their attitudes and beliefs, and the influences that had a role in the knowledge and arts they reached.
  • Researching the similarities between the commentators, and what distinguishes each other from each other, in terms of delicacy and thought in addressing matters related to tafsir, its topics and methods, and removing what is in the tafsir of weak, fabricated and Israeli narratives, and corrupt sayings.
  • It works to develop the minds and intellect of those who research tafsir, and to provide them with the arts of knowledge, science and logic, and to enrich the sciences of tafsir, and related knowledge, and highlight the importance of science in scientific research, classification and authorship.

Objective tafsir

  • What is tafsir ? The importance of objective tafsir appears in several matters, including: Solving contemporary problems; Due to the foundations laid by the Qur’an.
    • Explaining the greatness of the Qur’an, explaining its principles, and the topics it contains, as the Qur’an offers the people of its era a scientific advance, and the extent to which people need the Qur’an in their lives, and that the Qur’an is valid for every time and place, as its topics are realistic and not specific to matters without others.
    • The agreement of objective tafsir with the important objectives laid down by the Qur’an, and the fulfillment of those objectives in the life of Muslims.
    • Responding to the command of God – Glory and Exalted – to ponder the Qur’an, understand its meanings, and the jurisprudential matters it contains.
    • Explaining new aspects of the miracles of the Qur’an and correcting the course of Qur’anic studies. Such as: scientific miracles, the fundamentals of Islamic education, the fundamentals of Islamic economics, and the fundamentals of Islamic media, and that is by setting scientific disciplined rules from the Holy Qur’an, and avoiding excess or neglect.
    • Highlighting new faces from the Qur’anic miracles, as the researcher in objective tafsir appears for him new faces of miracles.

What You’ll Learn in Online Quran tafsir Classes by Aya Institute

  1. What is tafsir
  2. Understanding the science of Tafsir Al Quran
  3. Meaning of verses word by word
  4. The contextual meaning of the Word
  5. Learn Islamic laws
  6. Skills in scholarly writings
  7. The sophistic and complicated ideas through the oral display
  8. Quranic explanations in Arabic
  9. Explain each and every Sura and its verses with other parts of the Quran and Hadees with references
  10. Understand the commands of Allah (SWT)
  11. Virtues of the Quran
  12. Importance of recitation and understanding
  13. Comparison of Quran with other previously revealed scriptures
  14. Order of Quran in the era of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiqui and Usman (R.A)
  15. Virtues and problems of ta’awwuz and tasmiyah.
  16. Tafseer of entire Quran (in parts) Meaning of verses
  17. Arabic Grammar
  18. Shaan-e-Nuzool
  19. Understanding of Allah Almighty’s commands (Ahkam)
  20. Application of commands
  21. Ethics
  22. Usul Tafsir
  23. Ilmul Blagah
  24. Ahaadis
  25. Meaning of verses
  26. Rabt b/t Surah