The Best Hifz Quran App with Aya Institute

The best Hifz quran app with ayay institue

Hifz quran app ,
The Noble Qur’an is one of the greatest blessings that God Almighty bestowed upon us, and the least that can be done towards it is preserving it, reading it, contemplating it, and learning how to recite and memorize the Qur’an. God Almighty and the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, have commanded us to read and memorize the Qur’an.

The Islamic rules and principles that we must follow and adhere to in addition to that it is immunization and protection from the whispers of Satan and worldly temptations that can weaken the faith of a Muslim, and there are several methods that can be followed to memorize the Qur’an in an easy and simple way, and there are many applications that mean memorizing the Holy Qur’an for adults and children in an easy way. And fast, and the user can consolidate the verse in his mind without forgetting it.

The best Hifz quran app with ayay institue

Benefits of Hifz quran app

Do you want to memorize the Holy Quran and find it difficult to memorize? Do you want your children to memorize the book of God?

  • The program for memorizing the Qur’an includes a number of services, such as a list of verses, a separator between verses to repeat their recitation, and a display of the stages of what has been memorized, which makes it the first choice for everyone who wants to learn the Holy Qur’an.
  • Short breaks after verses have been recited, for the user to repeat after recitation.
  • Facilitator setup of user lists to focus on specific verses.
  • User files with distinguished names and pictures with display of the saving stage for each user in his file.
  • A good display of the memorized verses and surahs.
  • Clear coordination of the surahs and verses with speedy access to the goal.
  • High quality recitation with the voice of Reciter Al Mishari Al Afasy.
  • Adopting the recognized Ottoman script for the Qur’an text.
  • Multitasking programming support.
  • High-quality pictorial display.
  • Ability to control reading speed.

What do Hifz quran app offer?

The application provides a service for memorizing the Noble Qur’an in an easy and simple way for adults and children, as it displays a list of verses and puts breaks between them so that you can repeat the verse, and each user of the application has his own file with names and pictures and displays the stage of memorization that you have reached in your file for a special, as it displays the verses The surahs are preserved in an orderly and organized manner, and you can listen to the recitation of the Noble Qur’an in the voice of Sheikh Mishary Al-Afasy, the texts of the Holy Qur’an written in Othmani script.

It gives you two ways to memorize the Noble Qur’an. You can choose one of them in the way that suits you and find it easier for you to memorize with an explanation of each method, and divides for you the number of months in which the Qur’an will be memorized so that you finish memorizing the entire Qur’an within 15 months, and the application also displays the benefits of memorizing the Noble Qur’an And some advice that you can follow in memorizing the Qur’an, as it provides some questions and answers to solve problems that you may face during memorization.

The best Hifz quran app with ayay institue

Hifz quran app for children

It allows you to read and memorize the Noble Qur’an in an easy and fast way in memorization and is suitable for all age groups, even children. It also provides you with a service for examining yourself to find out your level of memorization by placing two types of exams that are written with putting options for the exam to assess yourself in memorization, the application is developed by Abdul Aziz Al-Ashi, available in Arabic and English.

A special free application to teach children to recite, memorize and improve the Qur’an, in an easy, simple and fun way. The child can hear the recitation of the Noble Qur’an in the voice of the reciter Muhammad Al-Minshawi, Ali Al-Hudhaifi and Muhammad Al-Hosari, and it also works to teach the child the exits of letters and the basic rules of intonation, and displays examples of diacritics. Writing some exercises that exist in the application to evaluate his memorization and learning of the Qur’an.

 A free comprehensive Hifz quran app

It provides the user with readings for memorizing the Qur’an in the Ottoman drawing and the Sunnah of the Prophet, the application provides 15 narrations of the Holy Qur’an with the voice of 12 readers, you can read the text that you want to memorize, hear it and record your voice after memorization to make sure that the verse is memorized in the correct way, and one of the most distinctive features of the application is that it allows the verses to be displayed on an external screen, and there is also in the application a list of the noble prophetic hadiths and how to memorize them, in addition to the interpretation service for the Holy Quran.

The best Hifz quran app with ayay institue

Instructions for memorizing the Holy Quran

  • When starting to memorize the Noble Qur’an, the intention must be present to memorize it, and the goal of memorizing it must be to gain the pleasure of God Almighty. Because the motivation to memorize is very important, as it encourages the achievement quickly and the achievement of the goal, i.e. memorizing the Qur’an.
  • Dividing each surah in the Noble Qur’an into multiple parts, and memorizing one or two parts each day, and that is by reading those parts for the first time, and the second time starting to memorize and recite verses.
  • Understanding the verses well, because memorization will not take place without an understanding and awareness of the meaning of the verses in detail, and to know the meanings of the verses, one can resort either to the people of remembrance, or to someone who has a good knowledge of matters of religion and the Holy Qur’an.
  • Memorizing verses is easier, if a person understands them by telling them as a story, because most of the Qur’anic verses come in the form of stories.
  • Participating in aya institute courses for memorizing the verses of the Noble Qur’an, and in this session, encouragement is greater for the person to memorize, and the Qur’an is recited properly, and the recitation and intonation is in its correct form through a good teacher who teaches individuals the verses and repeats after him, and so on until the end of the entire Qur’an.

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