How Do We Teach Tafseer al-Quran

How do we teach you tafseer al quran

Tafseer al quran,
Away from the seas and oceans of the books that were placed in the interpretation of the Qur’an, and the exegetes mastery and their diligence in them, and each has its own approach and method of interpretation. Therefore, in order not to drown in all these oceans, you must study a simple introduction to the science of exegesis: a simple search for an entrance to the science of exegesis, you will find ways Many, choose what you like through the lessons of interpretation at the Aya Institute.

How do we teach you tafseer al quran

1- Proficiency in reciting the Qur’an

Tafseer al quran, The one who is unable to master the recitation of the Qur’an should not be devoted to studying tafsir. Rather, he should devote himself to learning how to recite the Qur’an first, and this does not mean that we prevent him from searching for the meaning of a verse or asking about it.

2- Linguistic culture.

The one who wants to study tafsir must have a linguistic culture, and if it is modest in the beginning, there is no harm in that, for example: he has to know from the active grammar, the object, the neighbor, the traitor, and so on …, and this is without deepening.

3- The ability to understand and summarize.

That is, he can understand the speech if he reads, but he who does not have the ability to understand the primary, this does not have the ability to study interpretation.

4- Memorizing the meanings of the Qur’an, and the student can memorize the meanings from any short book of the meanings of the Qur’an, and they are many.

The reason for preserving the meanings while studying the interpretation is that the inscription hides behind it the clarity of the meaning of the Qur’anic vocabulary.

5- Study (Introduction to Interpretation) by Ibn Taymiyyah. And the use of any explanation of it, and Sheikh Muhammad Saleh Al-Uthaymeen has an explanation of (Introduction to Tafsir) by Ibn Taymiyyah, as well as studying the book (Fundamentals of Tafseer) by Ibn Uthaymeen. And studying these books to expand the horizon, and prepare the scientific ground before expanding them.

How do we teach you tafseer al quran

The system followed in the lessons of teaching the Qur’an at the Aya Center

Learn the rulings of Tajweed with the recitation of a mastered sheikh before starting to memorize. To start correctly, and treat mistakes before they happen, since what is preserved in a mistake is difficult for a person to correct after that.

Preserving the Qur’an from one edition. This helps to facilitate memorization, and it is preferable to use prints with colored backgrounds in yellow, green or other colors, and to stay away from prints written in black on white pages, and Qur’ans with colored writing can be used, such as Qur’ans in which the word Majesty is colored red, or Qur’ans that contain Six colors.

This indicates the rulings of tajweed, or the objective Qur’an in which the verses with one subject are in one color, or the memorized Qur’an in which the first word of each verse is in red. To memorize and remember. Preferring to use a small Qur’an when preserving, and buying several copies of it and placing each one in a place, such as a house, a car, and so on.

Tips for memorizing with tafseer al quran

  • Preserve memorization from a special Qur’an (it has one fee). Because the human mind pays attention to details, and if the Qur’ans change in their drawing in terms of the number of lines and the color of the words, the Hafiz is dispersed and its memorization is not proven as it should.
  • Maintaining the interconnectedness of the surahs and verses: one surah contains sequential events, as well as long verses. It is not necessary to memorize a part of the surah and then move to another place of it without linking the previous one with the following, and the interconnection between the verses of the surahs and their stories facilitates memorization and makes it easy and flexible.
  • Understanding is one of the fastest methods of memorization: If the memorized understood the meaning of the verses, he memorized them, and if their meaning becomes clear to him, it is easier for him to link the parts of the surah and thus memorize them easily and easily.
  • Tafseer al quran, interpretation helps to memorize: The one who wants to memorize the Qur’an must read the Tafsir in order to understand the reasons for revelation and the hidden meanings behind the verses and some words with distant connotations, which helps him to memorize more easily.
  • Taking care of the similarities: In some similar places between the surahs and the verses, one should take care of those places and tie the edges of the verses and the places of the surahs so that it is easy to differentiate between the similarities from the verses and the surahs.
How do we teach you tafseer al quran

More tips for memorizing and learning tafseer al quran

  • Reciting and competing with the people of the Qur’an: So those who want to memorize should choose the company of those who seek to memorize the Book of God to encourage them to memorize and compete with them over it, which stirs the spirit of competition and makes it more active and carefree.
  • The Treaty of the Noble Qur’an: As the Noble Qur’an is very absent from its owner unless he undertakes to review and study.
  • Seizing the years of memorization: So, a person should strive to memorize his children the Holy Qur’an while they are at the beginning of their life, so that it becomes easier for them to memorize and is firmly rooted in their minds, and this does not mean the inability of adults to memorize if there is determination and will for that.
  • Praying behind an imam who is well-versed in memorization: because if a Muslim prays behind an imam who memorizes the Qur’an, he is encouraged to memorize, seeking to attain what the imam has achieved of memorization.
  • Preserving the roses: The preserving person should make for him a dedicated flower that he memorizes daily so that the Qur’an is firmly rooted in his mind and heart.