Quran Translation for Kids

Quran translation for kids

Quran translation for kids
, to start teaching your child the Noble Qur’an in his third and fourth years and memorize verses by means of instruction and repetition, listening to the proper reading of the Qur’an, teaching him letters accurately and patiently, and for him to look back at the words in the Noble Qur’an and teach him how to pronounce them correctly in order to avoid any error that may stuck in his mind; Because it will be difficult to correct it later.

Quran translation for kids

Quran translation for kids

Here are some ways that will help you teach your child about the Qur’an and memorize its verses:

  • The use of some educational audio recordings dedicated to teaching the Qur’an, which carry a repetition of Qur’anic verses, in addition to helping him memorize.
  • Starting with short surahs, as they are easier to memorize, and their verses are usually short and similar at the end, making it easier for the child to repeat and memorize them.
  • Teaching the child politeness and respect with the one who teaches him the Holy Qur’an, whether he is a special teacher for him or if you are you.
  • Following up the child in memorization and always listening to him, until he feels the greatness and importance of the matter.

How to memorize the Quran translation for kids with the aya Institute

The idea of ​​the Aya Online Institute is based on teaching the Noble Qur’an through live lessons over the Internet. The following is an explanation of how to participate in lessons and how to receive your lessons through the Internet.

  • First Step: Register on the website by clicking on this link – >> “Subscribe Now
  • The second step: Add our Skype to your Skype or Zoom, according to what you will agree on with the teacher who will contact you, and a member of the coordination team will talk to you on Skype to answer all inquiries and to determine the appropriate schedule for you.
  • The third step: Based on the number of weekly lectures, the value of the monthly subscription will be determined, and the lessons will start at the appropriate time for you as soon as the subscription value is transferred, God willing
  • You will be sent an email with all the instructions and instructions for the lessons.

Quran translation for kids

Steps to memorize Quran translation for kids

  • A good example on the part of parents in their good relationship with the Holy Quran, recitation, memorization and management.
  • Starting with short Surahs, they are easier to memorize, and more encouragement for him to follow and continue.
  • The child hears the surahs that he wants to memorize well, as the verses are read in front of him with a typical correct reading, and he hears them well.
  • The child returns to the verses behind the memorized verse by verse.
  • He recited the verses on his own well afterwards, with follow-up and correction by the teacher.
  • Dividing the surahs into short paragraphs, and joining the memorized one together, meaning whenever one memorized a verse, he added another to it, and so on.
  • The child listens to the teaching Quran for children via YouTube, or the Internet in general, as it relies on the method of educational model reading, repetition, and collective student repetition behind it.
  • Adopting the method of material and moral reinforcement, in various forms, such as being encouraged whenever something is memorized by giving it a specific prize or gift, and when completing part of the Qur’an by giving it a valuable gift such as an iPad (for children), or an electronic speaking Qur’an, and so on.
  • The child enrolls in courses for memorizing the Noble Qur’an through mosques or schools, as these courses have a good effect, in encouraging children to compete collectively in memorizing the Holy Qur’an.
  • Child’s enrollment in camps for memorizing the Noble Qur’an, if any, and this is an advanced step in collective and institutional interaction with the Holy Qur’an.
  • Encouraging the child to constantly listen to the recitation of the Qur’an at home from time to time, through satellite channels or YouTube programs, for that is good, beneficial and blessed.

Quran translation for kids

How to encourage children to memorize the Qur’an

  • Solidarity with family and friends and counseling among you in choosing the wise, kind and attractive Quran teacher for memorizing the Holy Quran to children, and being able to add an element of suspense in his teaching to them so that they become attached to memorizing and contemplating the Qur’an, in addition to your interest in choosing your children’s friends as they are the first influence on them, besides sharing with friends In memorization it will create a wonderful interaction between them.
  • Interest in the Arabic language and encouraging children to learn it. By means of stories and syllables speaking in classical Arabic, so that they learn it accurately, and that it takes place quickly on their tongues.
  • Taking great care of the Noble Qur’an at home and giving it priority in everything, make the recitation of the Qur’an present during the day, and while standing up at night, ask your children when any guest comes to read from what they have memorized of the verses and reward them for that, and ask for motivation and encouragement from everyone. Add the element of suspense; By reciting the stories of the prophets and interpreting the surahs of the Qur’an that they memorize in a gentle and easy manner.
  • Create a daily schedule of what they have to accomplish, and add a period of memorizing the Qur’an between two periods of work that they like to do. The children participate in memorizing by you or by the father, and the child is asked to participate in the prayer, lead two rak’ahs at night and ask him to recite what is memorized in these two rak’ahs.
  • Pay attention to the child’s psychological and moods, and make sure not to show any resentment or boredom over his shortcomings, but to encourage him always.

Learn quran with aya institute

Now, with the help of Aya institute you can use our lessons to study quran online and How to learn the quran fast and easy with the aid of our excellent teachers. We use Skype and Zoom applications.