Quran Memorization Online With Aya Institute

quran memorizer online with aya institute

Quran memorization online, the field of teaching the Book of Allah, and the rulings of its recitation for those who do not speak Arabic represents a challenge for those who work in it because of the intensity of accuracy and specialization that distinguishes it. Distance teaching, and teaching to those who speak languages ​​other than the language of the Qur’an, as the teacher’s lack of any of them is an obstacle to achieving the student’s goal of learning, and hinders the teacher’s progress on this path, which also represents a great honor for the walker, as it is also a great trust and a delicate gap that needs to be filled Competently and proficiently.

The importance of setting the level before starting Quran memorization online

The importance of accurately determining the level of the Qur’an learner can be summed up in one sentence. It is a “right start”, and this beginning is represented in choosing the appropriate curriculum that the teacher will follow according to, and the study plan that will achieve the student’s goal of learning.

Determining the student’s level in the first lesson puts the teacher’s feet and the student on the start of the right path, and saves a lot of time and effort on both because this is the straight line that represents the shortest distance between the starting point and the goal.

Parameters of the teacher:

Are there specific components that the Qur’an teacher should have? To be able to determine the level of his student accurately? of course, yes.

These components can be limited to three points during Quran memorization online:

quran memorizer online with aya institute

1.     Sufficient practical experience:

  • It is not required that this experience is in the field of education of foreigners, or distance education.
  • Rather, what is meant is practical experience in the field of teaching the Qur’an and rulings of recitation,
  • Practical experience in teaching the Book of God – Exalted is He – Exalted – verbally with whom
  • Arabic speaking students are the real key to excellence in this field and to specialize in it efficiently.

2.     Distinguished ear

This component depends a lot on the first in Quran memorization online, which is sufficient practical experience, for it gives the Qur’an teacher a sensitive ear that can accurately distinguish right from wrong, and determine from the student’s recitation whether the letter came out of his correct output with his qualities and time or not, and what he ought in this position of Tajweed provisions.

3.     The teacher’s culture and knowledge achievement

This theoretical component that weighs and supports the teacher’s experience, and his practical practice, produce for us an educated educator who is not only a long-time experience, and this culture and knowledge outcome is its first way is to read and learn about everything new in the field.

It also comes with training and attending courses and meetings that carry a summary of the experiences of those who preceded In this field, the teacher has a lot of time and effort, and then comes the role of asking the people of experience and guiding them in what has been problematic for the teacher, or perplexed in it.

So that the teacher is always keen that the question is specific, addresses one point or detail, and that it is well prepared In a clear format, to make it easier for the responsible to understand, and the teacher would complete the benefit of the answer.

Some important aspects of developing a study plan in aya institute

There are some important factors that become familiar with the teacher in developing a suitable study plan for his student, and among these factors:

quran memorizer online with aya institute

1. Determining student goal:

In the field of teaching the Noble Qur’an, the student’s goal of learning often does not deviate from four main goals:

2. Learn to recite:

It is intended for the student to learn how to read the drawing of the Qur’an when looking at it.

3. Memorizing the Quran:

 That is, the correct instruction and repetition of the verses with repetition until the student memorizes them, whether or not this accompanies learning recitation.

4. Study intonation:

Quran memorization online, any provisions of intonation theory with practical application.

5. Understanding and interpreting the Qur’an:

 That is, translating the verses to know the meaning, and studying the interpretation in the student’s language, and the teacher must define and know the student’s goal well before setting up a methodology for the study so that he proceeds according to it in the direction of achieving this goal.

6. Determine the age group of the student:

The development of an appropriate and effective study plan depends a lot on knowing the characteristics of the age group that the student falls under. What suits children does not necessarily be suitable for young people, and the method of teaching young people differs from the method of teaching for the elderly. The teacher should take the age group factor into account when preparing the study plan.

7. Determine the student’s mother tongue and its characteristics:

Quran memorization online, the teacher can benefit greatly from knowing the characteristics of the student’s native language, as most students use English with the teacher as an intermediate language as well, and English is not their first language, and this is by comparing the Arabic language to the mother tongue through the following aspects:

8. New Voices:

When the teacher becomes aware of the new sounds that the student deals with in the Arabic language due to their absence or use in the mother tongue, he is able to determine the cause of the problem, and thus deal with it correctly, and this knowledge will gain patience for his student so that he can pronounce these sounds, and it avoids what some teachers sometimes suffer from losing their confidence in their teaching competence due to the inability of their students to respond quickly to phonemic training on some letters, such as the ring letters and the applied letters that are characteristic of the Arabic language.

9. Dialect effect:

The student’s accent has a great impact on his ability to pronounce Arabic letters with their correct qualities, and this dialect or phonemic character of the student’s language differs according to the student’s origin and environment, some dialects are characterized by the ruggedness of their voices, which causes difficulty in trying to pronounce the student’s letters and voices thinned in the Arabic language.

On the other hand, we find other dialects of the same language that are characterized by the predominance of softening sounds, so the student finds it difficult to amplify the Arabic sounds, so the teacher’s surrounding the characteristics of the dialect spoken by his students was a helpful factor in dealing with the challenges that the student faces in speaking.

10. Determine the duration:

The duration factor has an important role in choosing and preparing the appropriate study plan for the student in Quran memorization online, as the plan that is prepared for a specific study period differs from study plans for an open period that is not limited to time, and each has a different arrangement and preparation, represented in the intensity of teaching and training hours, as well as the topics covered by the teacher.