Quran for Kids Beginners

Quran for kids beginners

Quran for kids beginners, parents should strive to love their children about the Holy Quran, and encourage them to learn it. It is the steadfast rope of God, the constitution of Muslims, and the words of God Almighty that He pledged to preserve, and it is worth noting that loving the Holy Qur’an strengthens belief in God and the Last Day.

What helps the child to form spiritually and morally, and among the benefits of the child’s attachment to the Holy Qur’an is to facilitate memorization and understanding of its meanings.

Likewise, the child’s love for the words of God Almighty, understanding and acting on it is considered an ongoing charity in the balance of his parents until the Day of Resurrection, in addition to the Holy Qur’an It links Muslims in different parts of the world despite their different tongues and colors.

Quran for kids beginners

The binary method of memorization Quran for kids beginners used by aya institute

Quran for kids beginners, through this method, a person who is close to the child is chosen; From his brothers or friends; To accompany him in studying the Noble Qur’an, then arrange a daily meeting between them at a specific date. So, one of them reads one verse from his copy, the other listens to it by looking at the Qur’an, then the second recites the same verse, and the first is content with listening.

The first recites the same verse in absentia, the second recites from the Qur’an, corrects the errors if they are found, then the second recites the verse in absentia, and corrects the first for him, and after completing the memorization of the verse they move to the next verse, and so on until the memorization is completed, then the second stage comes; One of them would be the teacher, the second the student, and vice versa.

Use a tape recorder

Quran for kids beginners, In this method, cassette tapes are used with the voice of a master reciter; The child listens to the recorder, then reads from the Qur’an, and repeats until memorizing is mastered. Children can also be memorized by recording the teacher’s reading, and the child repeating it on the recorder, then the child hears the recording, and repeating the reading until memorization is complete.

Writing method for learning Quran for kids beginners

The memorization of the Noble Qur’an for the child in this way is done by the child’s writing of the part to be memorized with a pencil on an external paper, then memorizing it, wiping it gradually, moving to another part, or by memorizing five verses, then trying to write what he memorized, and compare it with the verses in the Qur’an.

Quran for kids beginners

Divide the verses into syllables

In this method, the verses are divided into sections according to the verses’ themes, or the letter they open with, which makes it easier for the child to memorize.

Method of incentives and competitions

Quran for kids beginners, in this way, children are encouraged to memorize the Noble Qur’an. By organizing competitions, and preparing prizes for the most and best memorizing, which motivates children to strive for memorizing the Holy Quran.

Divide the verses (aya) into lines

In this method, verses are memorized line by line. As the child brings a blank sheet of paper and a Qur’an, then he covers the page to be saved except for the first line; To memorize it, then move to the second line, preserve it, and link it to the first, and so on until the preservation is completed.

How to memorize with video

One of the best methods is video memorization. This is due to the participation of more than one sense in memorization, which proves it, and this method can be used by watching the child a video clip showing a proficient reader reading the part to be memorized, which allows the child to hear the verses, noting the movement of the reader’s mouth, and then repeat reading with him until memorization is completed.

Bands method

Quran for kids beginners, in this method, the children are divided into three groups: the outstanding, the average, and the double, then the teacher reads the part to be memorized as an exemplary reading, then he moves to the group of high achievers, and asks them to read so that everyone can hear, then he moves to the group of moderates, and asks them to read several times.

To master the verses, then move to the weak and read to them, and repeat behind it until they master memorization, and it is worth noting the advantages of this method, including: Spreading the spirit of competition between groups, and taking into account the differences between children’s abilities.

 Gradual preservation from shorter the Suras

From the wisdom of God Almighty to make short surahs in the Noble Qur’an. To make it easier for children to start memorizing them, then gradually learn to memorize until they reach the long surahs.

Ruling on memorizing the Holy Quran for children

The majority of scholars are of the view that it is permissible to memorize the Noble Qur’an for children, especially that memorizing at a young age is more stable. The Holy Quran for children varies according to their natures; This is called the gradient method.

Therefore, teachers and parents of children should beware of bullying and harassing their children; Lest they become uncomfortable with memorizing the Noble Qur’an and reciting its verses, and it is desirable to memorize the Holy Qur’an for children. Following the example of the righteous ancestor method.

Ways to link children with the Holy Quran

Quran for kids beginners, children can be linked to the Noble Qur’an in many ways, some of which can be explained as follows:

1.     Parents read to children’s ears

 God Almighty instilled children in love for their parents’ imitation. Therefore, one of them reciting the Noble Qur’an in front of his son increases his love for the Noble Qur’an and attaches him to it.

2.     Giving the child a Quran

It is the nature of the child to love possession, which is evident through his relationship with his toys. Therefore, gifting him a Qur’an increases his attachment to the Holy Qur’an.

3.     Reading stories of the Holy Quran

One of the things children love most is hearing stories. Therefore, it is possible to read some stories of the Noble Qur’an in a simple way, then read the verses that mention the story at its conclusion, so that the child becomes attached to the Holy Qur’an.

4.     Mixing with people of knowledge

As the child’s attachment to the people of knowledge encourages him to question, debate, and learn, which increases his love for the Book of God.