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free quran in Arabic

Learn free quran in Arabic with aya institute,
The Qur’an is the greatest book revealed to all of the prophets and the last of the divine books. Every Muslim must give him the right imposed upon him to read, memorize, recite and understand the verses. The Holy Qur’an helps the Muslim to draw closer to his Lord, for he is the intercessor for the servant in the hereafter, and there is no other book that enriches Read it, because darkness does not evade without Him, and He is the Healer, the best remedy for every disease.

In order to learn to recite the Holy Quran, you must memorize this rule: Recite as much as you can, nothing can replace this rule, so repetition will teach you in the end, the more you do this the better for you. When you read an unfamiliar page of the Holy Quran, you will read it in the same breath the time it took for you to read only two familiar lines, and when you repeat them, you will find that it takes you only 10 percent of the time because it becomes easy.

free quran in Arabic

Steps to learn free quran in Arabic

Check the position of your heart

The key to truly benefiting from the Qur’an is to check your heart first. Even before you even touch the book of God, ask yourself honestly why you are reading it, is it just to get some information and commands and then turn away from it again? And he remembered that the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, was described by his wife that he did not read the Qur’an and did not read it, but rather lived it.

Renew your intention every time

It is difficult for an adult to learn the rules of intonation so you need a lot of stamina and will to achieve this. You often feel frustrated when you fail to produce the appropriate sound despite constant efforts. During these times, remind yourself why you are doing this, and that this is what we encouraged. The Messenger, may God bless him.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Many of us have this idea that it is forbidden to read the Qur’an if you don’t know how to do it correctly. This belief is not only wrong. It is harmful in reality as if it prevents us from reading the Qur’an. And spend what is good for yourselves And whoever gives up his own hardship, I will make you the ones who are successful. How will you learn?

Emphasize the intonation of difficult letters and words

If you encounter special difficulties with some of the sounds, what you should do is put extra effort into these words at the beginning, and once I can make the sounds out with ease all the words will come out correct.

free quran in Arabic

Constant practice

Keep exercising in learning free quran in Arabic, you do not need a specific time and place to practice reciting the Qur’an, all you have to do is try to pronounce it at any time: While daydreaming, taking a break from work or watching TV, just try to pronounce those sounds, just as a child does.

Listening and imitation

Listen as much as possible to the Quranic recitation, for beginners it is better to choose a slow recitation, for example the exclusive one, listen and try to repeat behind it.

Take one rule at a time

When you learn one intonation rule, practice it well first before starting the next rule, if you are trying to master a lot of rules at once, there is a chance that you will feel difficult and bored, so look at the stairs step by step.

Don’t be shy about using intonation in normal conversation

Once you learn how to pronounce the thirsty gym for example, feel free to use it next time in regular words, because the correct pronunciation is a gift from God, and we must use it in order to satisfy Him.

free quran in Arabic hfrom free lessons with aya institute

There are many free lessons that sheikhs download on the Internet, especially on their YouTube channels, try to learn from them a lesson lesson, it is from home and free of charge and you do not need to go anywhere, and therefore it is an excellent way to learn.

free quran in Arabic

How to encourage children to learn free quran in Arabic

  • The love of imitation is one of the instincts of the human being that God Almighty instincts upon us, and every child by nature loves to imitate those around him, especially the people closest to him and they are his family.
  • Therefore, he is advised to read the Qur’an in front of him constantly to motivate him to love reading the Qur’an and in this way, he will not be stubborn when you instruct him to read the Qur’an because he will be encouraged to imitate you He carried the Qur’an even if he could not read.
  • Offer him a copy of the Noble Qur’an as a special gift for him alone, so that he feels that he has his own Qur’an that he can read with alone. You will always find him tied to his own Qur’an and try to discover what is in it.
  • Encourage your child when he seals a part of the Qur’an by rewarding him and celebrating his sealing of the Qur’an so that he is more encouraged and loves reading the Qur’an.
  • Children usually love to hear stories, especially before bed. You can tell your child a story from the Qur’an in a simple way that the child can understand and understand. At the end of the story, read the text of the Qur’an for the story.
  • When your child becomes five years old and over, he tends to group play and amusement. You can gather the family at the end of the week and prepare puzzles for the Holy Quran.
  • Let your child watch the channels of the Holy Qur’an, especially the educational channels, as he in turn loves imitation and loves competition between him and the contestants even if they are on television, and you can buy educational CDs for the Holy Qur’an to use on the computer, or if he has a tablet device, you can download special applications for children to teach Quran reading and memorization, and to be fun the child interacts with quickly.
  • Now, with the help of Aya institute you can use our lessons to study free quran in Arabic with the aid of our excellent teachers. We use Skype and Zoom applications.