Quran Classes Online Skype with Aya Institute

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Quran classes online skype with aya institute,
it is natural for there to be a correlation between the development of computer software systems related to the Qur’an, and the development of specialized sites for this purpose, as the graphic content of the website depends mainly on computer programs, and this means that the development of programs related to the Qur’an and its service, was and remains the cornerstone of the development of service employment For the Internet in this area. It is indispensable for any pioneering Quranic project to have a competitive ability to manufacture programs and keep up with technological developments in the field of communication media.

Why you need Quran classes online skype?

The Muslim must seek the useful knowledge that enables him to worship God in the manner that God Almighty is pleased with him, so we must learn the legal knowledge that we need, and work with it and pray to it as the Companions – may God be pleased with them – asked the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, and ask him to He teaches them so that they can work and teach others.

The most important thing that should be studied in this is the Qur’an and what helps it to contemplate and understand its meanings and understand it, and the Tafsir books are overflowing with an explanation of that, so he should choose some of the approved interpretations from them, and he has to pay attention to the sciences of the ancients and their interpretations and the exegetical books that take care of what is narrated about them so that the tafsir of the predecessors is transmitted from the interpretation The Sheikh of Islam said in explaining the merit of the science of the first ancestor.

That is why knowledge of their sayings in science and religion and their deeds was better and more beneficial than knowledge of the sayings and deeds of later scholars in all religious sciences and deeds – such as interpretation, the fundamentals of religion, its branches, asceticism, worship, morals, jihad, and so on – for they are better than those after them, as indicated by On him the Book and the Sunnah, so imitating them is better than following them, and knowing their consensus and conflict in knowledge and religion is better and more beneficial than knowing what is mentioned about the consensus and conflict of others.

Quran classes online skype with aya institute

How does a Muslim start Quran classes online on skype?

At the beginning of the request, the Muslim must first get to know the truth and the correct interpretation and not concern himself with searching for similarities and weak sayings for what he fears will be influenced by them, and he must adhere to the approach of the Sunnis and the community in belief and action, and beware of reading the articles of the violators of the Sunnis and hearing their likeness for safety is not modified by anything.

Ibn al-Qayyim said in Muftah al-Saada House: The Sheikh of Islam – may God be pleased with him – said to me, and you have given him a revenue after an income – Do not make your heart for revenues and suspicions like a sponge and drink it, so it does not sprinkle except with it, but make it like a stained bottle passes Suspicions on their surface and do not settle in them.

Quran classes online skype advantages

  • No specific age is required.
  • Educational certificates are not required.
  • Providing courses online through Skype and Zoom.
  • A break of two days every week for awareness and review.
  • Permanent follow-up of the student through evaluation questions with each lesson.
  • Enriching meetings with a group of specialists in the sciences of interpretation.
  • Certificate of passing for each stage.

Features of Quran classes online skype

Lessons approved from the best-shortened books on the interpretation of the Noble Qur’an and is characterized by:

  • clarity of the phrase and its ease.
  • Restricting to the interpretation of verses without entering into issues of recitation, interpretation, jurisprudence, and the like.
  • Mentioning the purposes of the surahs and the benefits of the verses.
  • Coloring distinctive Quranic vocabulary.
  • The number of pages in a book is the same as the number of pages in the Qur’an.
  • Daily roses only 4 pages of the book.

Quran classes online skype with aya institute

Consequences of studying the lessons of the Aya Institute

  • An overall understanding of your study of all meanings of the Noble Qur’an, through several study levels
  • Stimulating reflection, through benefits selected at the bottom of each page, opens your heart the gateway to contemplation.
  • Confirmation of meanings with daily comprehension questions, weekly reviews, and specific interim tests on control and focus
  • By completing the Aya Institute program, you established a solid foundation upon which you will build whatever Sharia sciences you want.

Customer opinions about Quran classes online skype

  • Praise be to God, I am a keeper of the Book of God, and I have a license to recite from “Hafs”. After subscribing to the program, I began to read the Qur’an differently. I began to understand the verses and what they were intended for, and I felt more pleasure and pleasure than before.
  • Praise be to God He opened doors for us from the knowledge and increased attachment to the Book of God. Praise be to God. We obtained from the testimonies of the world the highest, but the Aya Institute and its certificates have a special taste for me, for they are more precious. May Allah reward you on our behalf.
  • The door was opened for me to seek knowledge and to be equipped with it, and it made it easier for me to understand the Book of God Almighty and it was a help for me in memorizing the Holy Qur’an. God has helped me to memorize parts of it. May God reward you with the best reward.
  • The most beautiful thing is that I understood the words of my Lord and strive to work with it and guide people to it, and it is nice that I spoke to one of my friends about the program, so he started with the third batch and finished the introductory level and I love this matter, so may God reward you with good, brothers in charge of Quran classes online skype.