Online Ijazah Certification

online ijazah certification

Ijazah : It is a testimony from the Sheikh al-Mujeez (the reciter) to the permissible student (al-Mujaz) of his good performance, the quality of his reading, the strength of his memorization, and his control.

What are the types of ijazah ?

The fact of the matter is that the Qur’anic studies and the chain of narrators in contemporary times are two schools:

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First: Egyptian and Hijazi ijazah

The method of the Egyptian and Hijaz school is one and the same, which is for the reader to recite the Qur’an in full by default, as a condition for the authorization and the bond together.

The argument of this team:

  • The basic principle in presenting the Holy Qur’an was memorization by heart, and this is a Sunnah that has been followed since the dawn of receiving the Qur’an and granting licenses ( ijazah ).
  • That a ijazah is a permit and permission to read others, and the obvious rule is: “That a thing is lost does not give it.”
  • And this method is a practical way to encouraging memorization, and a multiplicity of conservators, who are competent officers, those who are permissible who know people read.

 Second: the Levantine

As for the method of the Levantine school, it is for the reader to recite the Qur’an completely in view of the Qur’an, and in this conclusion the exits, attributes and movements are corrected, and after that he is granted only permission ( ijazah ), then after that the student reads a second full conclusion in absentia from the beginning of the Qur’an to the end without error or deviation from the Arabic voice The eloquent, and after completing this second conclusion, the student is given the full ( sanad )on the condition considered by the performance elders.

The argument of this team:

His companions see that the lesson is skill and mastery of pronunciation and rulings, and this is what the recitation achieves given the Mushaf.

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From here we divide program into two parts

The first section: Of the complete sealing of the Qur’an, exquisitely glorified and glorified from the Mushaf

The site gives him a certificate of that, certified and authenticated by the site and the Sheikh and the Islamic University of North America (Mishkat), and if he reads some part of his memorization by default, this extent is proven to him in his testimony.

The second section: Whoever completes the entire Qur’an is exalted, perfect by heart

The site grants him two licenses ( ijazah ), each of them with a bond:

The first: permission from the sheikh to whom the student read the Qur’an word for word and letter by letter with this sheikh’s chain of transmission

And the second: a certified certificate notarized by the site, the Sheikh, and the Islamic University of North America (Mishkat), stating that the student completed the Bachelor’s program in absentia.

Program Objectives

  • Increasing the number of the glorious Book of God campaigners connected to the chain of transmission of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, in order to preserve the Book of God and protect it from error, melody and distortion.
  • Work to publish the issue of valid ijazah documented by its people who are its people, and closing the door to the pretenders.

Those who qualify for the program

Firstly, Memorization program

(The main thing in this program is memorizing the Qur’an, whether the student knows Arabic or does not know)

1- The student who successfully completed the memorization program.

2- The student who successfully passed the review program.

3- Those who have previously obtained a license ( ijazah ), whether through a school, a religious institute, or a memorization center, specialized and of scientific standing and weight, or through a sheikh who has a firm footing and a significant support among the people of this knowledge.

4- The student who desires a high bond, whether in the beginning or higher than what was previously obtained.

5- He who memorized the Qur’an well, and the Sheikh on-site approved it in the assessment preliminary test in the Bachelor’s program, and did not refer it to the revision program.

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Second, Reading from the Mus-haf ijazah program

  • It is preferred for those who studied the curriculum for teaching Arabic phonemes (exits and attributes).
  • It is preferred for those who studied the method of recitation and intonation (tajweed) rules.

Explanation of the teaching method

1- After the student registers on the site, a supervisor will be assigned to him.

2- After that, he will have a specific schedule of lectures by the hour and the day.

3- After the student registers on the site, a supervisor will be assigned to him after that, and he will have a specific schedule of lectures by the hour and day.

4- The student will receive an email with the login name and password.

5- The student will be trained on a special program through which the ability to speak and write with the Sheikh.

How to register on the site

1- The student opens the program in which he wishes to register.

2- He fills out the form, chooses the login name and password, and fills all the required data, then pays the fees online.

3- The student will be sent an email reminding him of the login name and password, and help files.

Conditions for graduation

After the student completes the program with the Sheikh, an exam is arranged for him in coordination between him and the Examinations Committee. The student is considered successful and deserves to obtain a graduation certificate ( ijazah ) if his evaluation from the committee is greater than 75%.

The relevant department issues a graduation certificate to successful graduates within a month from the date of passing the test. If the student’s evaluation is between 50% and 75%, he is given a second chance for the test within a month of its date, and if his rating is less than 50%, he can take the test again at least two months after its date to get ijazah.