Learn noorani quran with aya institute

Learn noorani quran with aya institute

noorani quran was taught in schools for children at an early age, so that they learn to spell letters with their correct exits with vowels, and this method is suitable for non-Arabs and it is used in many Islamic countries. This site is our contribution to spreading the teaching of the Qur’an to Arabs and others alike, for those who cannot attend the sheikhs and reciters.

What is noorani quran ?

  • Al-Qaeda Al-Baghdadi became famous in an earlier period, and then it almost ceased to exist. As for Al-Qaeda Al-Nourania, since its spread in the Indian subcontinent 100 years ago, it is still in force, and its editions are repeated.
  • It began to spread in the Arab world since 1419 AH, when God helped me to take care of it and print it, and with the grace of God Almighty, it was printed from that year until 1429 AH more than twelve editions.
  • The Nooranya rule represents the practical intonation of the Holy Qur’an because it contains more than 95% of the rulings on tajweed, while the Baghdadi rule does not contain most of the rules of intonation, even if it is concerned with teaching spelling.
  • Al Qaeda Illuminati all its words are from the Holy Qur’an, unlike al-Qaeda in Baghdad. In fact, some of its words are not originally from the Arabic language.
Learn noorani quran with aya institute

What will you learn in noorani quran ?

Al-Qaeda Illuminati its lessons are distributed in an intelligent, scientific, sequential and gradual manner, compiled by the author – may God have mercy on him – with the aim of accuracy and care from examples of the Noble Qur’an from what the novice student needs, so he arranged them as follows:

  • It started with single letters.
  • Then the ligatures.
  • Then the chopped letters.
  • Then the vowels (by opening, breaking and joining).
  • Then the Tanween (who draws with two holes, two enclosures, or two fractions).
  • Then exercises on movements and intonation.
  • Then the small Alef, the small Ya, and the small waw (meaning the letters of the tide omitted in the drawing and attached to the setting).
  • Then the letters of the tide.
  • Then the stillness.
  • Then exercises on the sukoon.
  • Then the intensity and exercises on it.
  • Then he came with almost all kinds of extensions.
  • Then, in the last lesson, he brought up the rest of the rulings of intonation, such as the rulings of the sedentary nun, the rulings of the static meme, and so on … etc.

In addition to the above, it is decided by scholars that knowledge is only taken from its well-known people, and it is not taken from the unknown, and accordingly, the al-Qaida al-Nuraniyah is authored by a great scholar known from the people of the Qur’an and we do not recommend him to God, while the Baghdadi rule is not known originally.

Importance of noorani quran

The noorani quran is a science of the sciences that are related to the Noble Qur’an, its learning and teaching, and with the Nooranya rule, children can be taught to read at a very young age, where the child can learn to read through the Nuranic rule when he completes four years of his life.

By joining the program of the Nooranya rule that is It extended for a full year to master reading afterwards, recites the Noble Qur’an with the rules of intonation, and utters the letters from their correct exits, thus establishing the skill of sound reading in his mind, and thus he possesses a distinct linguistic wealth from his youth.

Method of teaching the rule of Light to children

The program of Al-Qaeda Al-Nourania consists of several lessons, you must proceed according to the order in which it came from its author, and these lessons are as follows:

Learn noorani quran with aya institute

Single letters of the alphabet

In the first lesson, the individual letters of the spelling are taught: (alif, baa, taa, waw, …) and so on, which are the twenty-eight letters of the Arabic language, considering the hamza as a separate letter (a) as in the word (taken), and the extended Alef is derived from it as in the word (self), and when teaching letters, the following must be taken care of:

  • Memorizing letters well from top to bottom and back.
  • Take care to accentuate the takfakhm and thin the muqqaq. The child must learn one letter by letter, and not move to another letter before mastering the one before it, and the letters of takfhim are: (khas, pressure, qaz), and the rest of the letters are softening letters, and the letters lam and ra fall between the subtext And the takfim and they have several cases, and the Alef follows what came before it, as thinning and tatting.
  • Reading the rules of intonation without explanation, but the child learns by repeatedly hearing the voice.
  • Adherence to the pronunciation of the letters (ha, ra, ta, ha,) with this spelling in the Quranic pronunciation.

Compound letters

In this lesson in noorani quran , ligatures are explained, and they consist of two and more letters, and the child learns to read ligatures by spelling rather than sound, for example: the letter (no) is taught to the child by its spelling, he does not know this letter and its composition, so he is told: the letter (no) He is lame and alpha, and by this the teacher tells him what is made, and in this lesson the letters are repeated between the compound and the singular, so that the child distinguishes between them and becomes entrenched in his mind.

Cut letters in noorani quran

The severed letters are known as the illuminated letters, and scholars differed about these letters and their interpretation, and they do not have a fixed meaning, and they are taken by receiving from the elders, and in this lesson the teacher must read the provisions of intonation, and the (madd)  must be applied without focusing on the child in applying the mudd. Because his breath is still short and extends according to his energy only, but he will learn from repeating the sound of the (madd) and the rulings of intonation from the teacher or from the tape, and the illuminated letters are 14 letters.

This is in addition to the movements, tannin, intensity and stillness, and more that you can learn through the lessons of teaching the Qur’an the way of noorani quran with aya institute.