Learn noorani qaida online with aya institute

Learn noorani qaida online with aya institute

noorani qaida online is a method that helps teach reading, writing, teaching, and memorizing the Holy Quran. This is for children, non-Arabic speakers, or Arabs who do not know Arabic themselves. This method was developed by Sheikh Nur Muhammad Haqqani; He is of Indian origin.

Then Sheikh Fateh Muhammad al-Madani came to add some modifications that would make it easier for the learner of the Nooranya method to receive it easily. For many years, the Nooranya method has been used to teach the Arabic language in many foreign countries. And that by specialized centers in that. Today, some of these centers are available in Arab countries. Thus, it is now easy to learn this method.

Learn noorani qaida online with aya institute

Explanation of the noorani qaida online

The noorani qaida online depends on the gradient. In it, the person first learns the singular letters, then the ligatures. That is, learn to pronounce two letters together instead of one letter, then the combined letters found at the beginning of some surahs of the Qur’an; Then teach the vowels by opening, adding, or breaking, and then the letters with the last words.

By that he means the tanunin by opening, joining, and breaking, then teaching the letters of the tide in alif, waw, and yaa, then teaching some words that include both tide, tanween, and soft letters, then teaching sukoon in the middle and last of the words.

Illuminati way to memorize the Qur’an

What is meant by the Nooranya method is to apply the rules of intonation in reading and memorizing the Noble Qur’an in a practical way. This is instead of listing the rules of intonation and memorizing them without applying. It is known that the alphabet of reading and memorizing the Qur’an is the knowledge of the correct letter exits. The Illuminati method helps the Qur’an readers to do that in a way that does not cause them hardship or torture.

The Illuminati method for reading and memorizing the Noble Qur’an has been specially developed for non-Arabic speakers who cannot pronounce Arabic sounds. However, the distance of the Arabs themselves from their mother tongue made them the first people to learn the Qur’an in this way.

Although this method is useful for adults and children in reading and memorizing the Holy Qur’an, it is most useful for young children. Because young people are often difficult to exit letters. Which makes it difficult to memorize the Qur’an at an early age for many of them. However, the experiences of those who have memorized the Qur’an in children using the noorani qaida online have proven that it facilitates the child’s memorization and reading at an early age. Because it fits the way his brain works.

Learn noorani qaida online with aya institute

A suitable method of noorani qaida online

  • It is obvious that children differ from us adults in the way they learn and receive information.
  • The child cannot comprehend matters in the manner of guidance and preaching that we understand, but rather a style of play and learning mixed with fun is more suitable for him.
  • The Illuminati method for memorizing and reading the Holy Qur’an provides the young child with this method that is easy for him and for those who teach him the task of memorizing and reading.
  • The reason for this is that it relies on more than one source to receive information and preserve; There are color books, CDs, wall paintings, etc. Also, each of these methods informs the child by sound and image.
  • The letters are written in colors that attract the child’s attention, and they are pronounced in a music-like manner.
  • The combination of sound and picture in this way helps the left and right parts of the brain to work together at the same time. Which increases the efficiency of the brain and the volume of absorption of the child. So, when the child learns the Qur’an using the luminous method, he plays and spends fun and learns at the same time.
  • Also, some children learn to read and write at an early age thanks to the Nooranya method in learning the Qur’an. What distinguishes this method is that it modifies the child’s speech and helps him to speak and communicate better.
  • Besides learning the Quran. Perhaps this is the reason why the luminous method is used in some speech centers to help children who suffer from speech problems.
Learn noorani qaida online with aya institute

noorani qaida online method for adults

It is no secret to us that many Arabs lack the correct pronunciation of the exits of the special letters of their language. Therefore, the luminous method helps everyone who has a speech problem to learn to read and write.

Either the Qur’an or anything else in the correct form. The reason behind this is that each of the letter exits has a place in the brain’s speech center. And every sound takes its place and is formed upon hearing that begins when a child is young, with his parents and those around him.

Sometimes it happens that the child utters a sound in a wrong way, and this is an imitation of those who speak around him in the same wrong way or because it is difficult to pronounce the sound on him in the correct way; He often encourages him to utter the same way around him and not try to correct his mistake. This results in the child’s voice being formed in a way that contradicts its original nature in language.

The only way to modify the pronunciation of the sound is to hear it correctly and repeat it over and over again until it takes its place in the brain in the form of a new sound that a person learns. Perhaps we notice that many of us learn any of the other languages ​​that are contrary to our mother tongue.

Such as English, French, and others, in the various educational stages and pronounce the sounds of these languages ​​in the same way as the Arabic sounds are pronounced. But as soon as a person listens to multiple recordings of this language, his brain begins to form the sounds for it and improves its pronunciation greatly by noorani qaida online .