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Noorani qaida English ,
Noorani qaida English, It is a training course to teach the Arabic language through a set of stages that the student goes through to reach the correct pronunciation of the letter exits so that he can learn the correct letter exits and correctly pronounce the Arabic language. It was named after its creator, the scholar Sheikh Noor Muhammad Haqqani, and this method was one of the methods he created so that everyone knew how to pronounce the Arabic letters and their exits. Consequently, the Noble Qur’an was properly recited.

Noorani qaida English

  • We can call this method “the art of the proper pronunciation of letters”, as it helps the student to learn to read in less time and in less time as well.
  • It starts teaching from single letters; Then the compound letters; Then the voweled letters, followed by teaching the vowels by opening, joining and fracturing, then the letters with tanween, followed by training on the movements and tween.
  • Then training in the deleted letters of the long vowels (small alif, small waw, and small yaa), then all kinds of tide, softness, sukoon and tension, and in the last lesson; The student is taught the rest of the rulings of intonation that had not passed in the previous stages, including, for example, the rulings of static memes and the rulings of the static noon.
  • This sequence makes the base of light unique and connects the student through a gradual way to achieve progress in a short period of time. Because it relies on a scientific and logical method in communicating information to the student, and this is what distinguishes it from other methods.
  • People of all ages can learn this method, but it is best to start with it from a young age. So that the child can start the first stage of his life and he knows the proper way to pronounce the letters.

learn Noorani qaida English with aya institute

When do children begin to learn the noorani qaida english?

It is recommended to start teaching children from the age of three or four as a maximum, and it depends on memorizing letters at the beginning, and knowing the type and outcome of each letter. After the first stage ends; The child has memorized all the Arabic letters while knowing how to pronounce them correctly, and it makes the student who is proficient in them get ahead of his peers a lot in terms of proper pronunciation of words and reading, and it makes the child learn the intonation and recitation of the Qur’an without any difficulties, this is if it is taught in the correct way and by teachers Experienced; They understand and realize the importance of the science that they teach children.

The Nooranya rule is one of the sciences of the Qur’an that is used in learning the Arabic language, how to pronounce it properly and connect the letters to each other, then how to connect the movements with the letters, and through which the places of emphasis and stretching are learned, through the linguistic application with examples from the verses of the Holy Qur’an .

Why was it called Noorani qaida English?

The reason for naming that base as al-Nuraniyah is a return to its author, which is Sheikh Nur Muhammad Haqqani, and there is another name called it, which is the name of al-Qaeda al-Nawraniyyah al-Fathiyya developed, and the reason behind calling it al-Mutawara, back to Sheikh Osama al-Qari, where he worked to improve and arrange it, and he also By updating it, until it became more sophisticated than before.

learn Noorani qaida English with aya institute

Advantages of learning to read with Noorani qaida English

  • Whoever learns in this way, he will be able to read the Qur’an, by way of spelling, regardless of his age, unlike those who did not learn in that way and who find it difficult to do so, especially if he is young, and whoever learns by noorani qaida English can finish the Qur’an in a short period of time. More than six months.
  • This rule is the easiest way through which to teach reading the Holy Qur’an, and also memorizing it, for both beginners and beginners, without effort, and in a short time.
  • This method enables its owner to pronounce the letter exits correctly, and also makes him give each letter its right and due.
  • It works to master all the rulings of Tajweed, and it also works to teach those who learn those rulings how to apply them while reading the Holy Qur’an.
  • Helps to increase awareness and develop awareness of the person who learns it and make him more understanding, even at an early age.
  • This method helps to pronounce the letters of the alphabet in an ideal way, and to learn it better than other methods, and it also helps to straighten the tongue for adults.
  • This method helps children become attached to reading, especially reading the Holy Quran.

learn Noorani qaida English with aya institute

Methods of teaching the noorani qaida English for children

  • The first lesson: the teacher teaches the children the single letters of the spelling, by reading it to the students, and then he repeats it by a uniform rhythm, until it is firmly established in the minds of the students, and the single letters, such as أ, ب, ت, and others.
  • The second lesson: the teacher teaches the children the compound letters of the spelling, and tries to train them to pronounce it correctly, and those ligatures such as, Ba, Lah, No, to other letters.
  • The third lesson: After that, the teacher trains the children on the syllable letters, and teach them them, so that they do not pronounce them as words, and those letters such as, pain, yas, r, and others.
  • Lesson four: The teacher starts teaching the children the vowels, and gives them examples of it, and those letters are the ones that form the fatha, kasra, and damma, such as o, o, o, and others.
  • The fifth lesson: After that, the teacher comes to teach the students the letters of the Munna, which have tanween, such as, ta, ta, ta’.
  • Lesson six: The teacher trains students on how to pronounce the movements and tanunin, by giving them examples of them, such as Uhuddah … and other words.
  • The seventh lesson: The teacher trains the children on the little Alef, the little waw, and also the little Yaa, by giving them examples of them, such as Sh, S, and others.
  • Lesson eight: Children learn long vowels and vowel letters, such as Ba, Sa, Shi.
  • The ninth lesson: Children train the three types of letters, the letter Mud, the tanun, and also the letters of soft.
  • Lesson 10: The teacher trains the children in stillness, and gives them examples of this.

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