Learn Quran Online with the Aid of our excellent Teachers

Learn Quran online with the aid of our excellent teachers

Learn Quran online with Aya institute,

The great virtue of teaching the Noble Qur’an is mentioned in many authentic hadiths, the most famous of which is the saying of the Messenger of God – May God bless him and grant him peace: (The best of you is the one who has learned the Qur’an and taught it).

Also, some scholars, like Sufyan al-Thawri, preferred to read and teach the Qur’an over jihad for the sake of God Almighty. Inferring the previous hadith.

It was reported on the authority of Abu Abd al-Rahman al-Salami al-Tabi’i, who had been a teacher of the Noble Qur’an from the succession of Othman bin Affan – may God be pleased with him – until the reign of al-Hajjaj bin Yusuf, that he sat to teach the Qur’an.

Moreover, the previous hadith prompted him to do that: Because of the preference indicated by the Messenger of God – May God bless him and grant him peace – and of the teacher and learner of the Qur’an.

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Before you start to Learn Quran online you have to know the Advantages of learning the Holy Quran and teaching it

  •  Follow the approach of the predecessors in receiving the book of God, and applying it.
  •  Preserving the integrity and purity of the scholars ’creed based on the teachings of the Noble Qur’an.
  •  Glorifying God and His Messenger and His Book in the souls of scholars, reverence, and contemplation when reciting it, and cherishing it.
  •  Strengthening the self-motivation of female students to work with the Qur’an and link knowledge with action.
  •  Educating students and fortifying them with the morals and etiquette of the Qur’an in order to purify their souls and will be reflected in their lives, their families and their society.
  •  Implanting closeness to God by reciting and memorizing the Qur’an in order to obtain a great reward and reward.
  • Raising the level of female students ’performance in reciting the Noble Qur’an and applying the provisions of intonation and good recitation to read the Qur’an in the correct manner fixed by the Messenger of God.
  •  Mastering the students to memorize the Qur’an, for the speed of retrieval, and the power of memorizing it and inferring it.
  •  Increase the blackness of the book of God savers.
  •  Linking female students to legal science with their teaching of the Qur’an, its sciences, and interpretation.
  •  Developing the linguistic ability and increasing the verbal wealth of female students, and providing them with the literature of dialogue and persuasion.
  •  Exposing suspicions – especially about women – through Qur’anic verses.
  • Preparing and qualifying female students to teach the Noble Qur’an perfectly, and calling to God.

goals of memorizing the Quran for children.

  • Children are good at imitation and simulation. Therefore, a good example is considered one of the best breeding methods that can be followed. Educators think it is good, children will recognize this kind of thing, educators think it is not good, children despise and so on.
  • If he gets used to the things in front of him, he will get used to it. Except as usual, what are the benefits, and this is what Abdullah bin Masoud wants-may Allah pleases him.
  • The best advantage that can be taught to children is the Quran, especially when they are young, education is more stable and firm.
  • The Quran must be the foundation for building children’s talent and knowledge. Because based on the foundation is just like the situation.
  • When this child grew up, he knew the greatness of the Creator, his fear of him, and understood his scriptures in his breath and vision, and gradually learned the basics of Islam, some duties and behavior.
  • Thus, a normal common sense is created before it is disturbed by sins and sins, and for the memorization of the Holy Qur’an to children many goals, including the following:
  • Reinforces the principle that the Noble Qur’an is the constitution of the life of the believer, and that its preservation by the child and adherence to its teachings are a guarantee, with the permission of God Almighty, of the purity of his bed, the abundance of his knowledge, and his guidance So that he would never go astray in his life.
  • Connects the child spiritually, faithfully, and morally with the principles and legislation of the Noble Qur’an. As the best thing that affirms the Islamic faith in the soul and instills peace of mind and contentment in the heart is the Holy Qur’an, and it is the best that the servant speaks to his Lord.
  • The child enjoys a white memory, so when the child memorizes the Qur’an, he fills his memory with good, and with everything that is useful, otherwise, it will be filled with what is available and available. It is the key that relieves parental disobedience.
  • The Messenger of God – may God bless him and grant him peace – informed that one of the signs of the Hour is that the daughter becomes in her dealings with her mother as if she were the mother. He, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: (For a female slave-girl to give birth).
  • It is considered a current charity in the balance of good deeds. He connects the child with his Muslim brothers all over the world.
  • The Holy Qur’an is the cord of God Almighty, which unites Muslims and unites their hearts of all races and languages. The child wears the crown of the grave in heaven.
  • He said: – May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon them, the people of the world, and they say: What are these clothes for us? Then it is said to them: For your child to take the Qur’an.)

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Advantages of Learn Quran Online

  • punctuality and Consistency, excellent and professional teachers guarantee that you can learn better in certain ways. With the efficiency of online methods, there is no risk of inconsistency. You can choose the teacher by choosing the required time.
  • to learn Quran online is Cost-effective, people don’t have to spend a lot of money to learn the Quran. Compared with other methods, online learning of the Quran is the cheapest. Essentially, it eliminates the trouble of all operating costs borne by the Islamic school/center. In addition,
  • Convenient learning environment, nothing is more comfortable than studying comfortably at home.  you can easily read. It is more convenient than the traditional Quran learning method.
  • To learn Quran online has good Educational materials, what makes online learning useful is the easy access to many educational materials to enrich your mind, soul, and overall life. The platform usually provides extensive information about Islam, Quran, Sunnah, daily life and challenges of each Muslim.

Learn Quran online with the best teachers at Aya institute.

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