Learn Quran For Kids Online

Learn Quran For Kids Online

Learn Quran For kids

Young kids will become tomorrow’s males and females, and Allah (SWT) has entrusted us with their care. We must protect them and get them as close to Allah (SWT) as possible.

The person who memorizes the Quran earns a crown in heaven for his kin (parents). Nowadays, a large number of Muslim parents from various countries and cultures want their children to learn the Quran.

They have realized that learn Quran for kids is the greatest investment they can make in their future. The Quran is a source of wisdom and the secret to success in this life and the next.

Learn Quran For Kids

Since online Quran learning is becoming more popular, a number of online Islamic academies are providing a variety of services to those who want to learn Quran online. It is a very different experience than being in a typical classroom.

A learner has full control over class scheduling and does not have to leave his or her home. As a result, all parents who want their children to be safe can take advantage of online Quran classes. In a variety of ways, it will undoubtedly be the most successful.


learn quran kids with aya institute

The Virtue You Gain When You Learn Quran for Kids

In two ways, learning Quran for kids strengthens the connection between kids and parents. To begin with, online Quran learning teaches the children about the value and reverence that Muslims place on their parents.

Second, when children look up to their parents and see them practicing Islam according to Quranic instructions, they follow them.

“Studying at an early age is similar to carving a stone while studying at an older age is similar to painting on water.”


Learning Quran for kids also draws them closer to Allah, aids their understanding of Islam, ensures that they are raised in the right Islamic environment, and allows them to learn Quran and know more about their faith as they grow older.

According to Abu Huraira: The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said.

“Allah would make a journey to Paradise simple for anyone who follows a path in pursuit of wisdom. People do not meet in Allah’s houses to recite and study the Quran together, but peace will prevail among them, grace will surround them, angels will protect them, and Allah will mention them to those who are near to him.”

Sahih Muslim 2699

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Our Program to Learn Quran for Kids;

  • The method on which the program is based is a numerical method, so the use of the printed Quran in the King Fahd Complex to print the Qur’an, known as the green color, has 604 pages in which the entire Holy Quran was written. There are fifteen lines on each page, and according to these principles, the table is like this.
  • The first 3 years Your child or daughter who is 3 years old is memorized daily only 3 lines, and in the following days “from Monday to Thursday” and on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday, what was memorized is reviewed on Monday and Thursday, then make one month In the year in which what has been studied is reviewed throughout the year.
  • With this system, you will find that your child has reached the foundation year in school, and they have completed memorizing from Surat Al-Nas to Surat Al-Fater.
  • The next three years in which the number of lines is increased and made it half a page every day with a full-page review on Sunday and four days and the rest of the week is devoted to reviewing what has been memorized in the week, with one month being made for intensive review, let it be in Ramadan.
  • In this way, you will find that your child by the end of the fifth grade of primary school has finished memorizing the entire Holy Quran.

learn quran kids with aya institute

Common Questions About Learn Quran for Kids;

How do you teach children to learn Quran?

It is a great time to start learning the Quran with your kid if he or she has just started speaking in your language. We are saying your child is between the ages of five and six. To help your kids to learn and memorize the Quran, follow the steps below.

  • Try to meet up with your child at a convenient time.
  • Ensure that your child is not tired, that his stomach is not empty, and that he is not sleepy.
  • Tell him you would like to show him something special.
  • Recite the Bismillah slowly, syllable by syllable, and ask your child to repeat after you.
  • Start with the easiest surah to memorize, Surah Ikhlas, after your child has learned to say Bismillah.
  • Read the first verse of the surah syllable by syllable, as in step four, and ask your child to repeat after you.
  • Carry on in this manner until the surah is completed.
  • Encourage your child to learn the Quran by giving him a gift if he learns the Quran.
  • Continue to practice the same surah with him.
  • Now it’s time to move on to the next surah, following the same steps as before.
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What are the requirements for teaching the Quran to children?

There are several steps you can take if you want to teach your child to learn Quran fast and easy. To explain, you must first learn the fundamentals of learning the Quran with Tajweed and the Arabic alphabet.

To put it another way, you can teach your child the Arabic alphabet’s 28 letters as well as the sounds they produce. In the meantime, make them listen to the recordings of short surahs from the last juz of the Quran that is easy to read and memorize.

Set aside two hours per day to carry out this plan. Whatever the conditions, such as going out for visits from families and friends, the event of crises, such as the death of a family member or neighbor, the wedding of a near or distant sibling or one of your daughters, or the mother or father being admitted to the hospital, or car collisions, do not change it.

  • Understand your child’s nature and bond with them outside the Quran time too.
  • Help them fall in love with Allah and the Quran by telling Islamic stories.
  • Practice what you teach – be their role model and provide other good role models around them too.
  • Listen to the Quran often and make it a part of your daily routine.
  • Do not push if they are not willing, rather get creative.
  • Make sure that the Qaida Noorani is completely done before you start the Quran.
  • Teach it with patience and keep practicing because it is not a race.
  • Put them in your lap to teach and listen, and stay consistent, but not rigid.
  • Have a morning routine so you are at your best energy level.
  • Do not compare because your child is unique and has his/her own strengths.
  • Encourage them along the way with positive affirmations or gifts if necessary.
  • Celebrate their achievements like they are your own (because they are).
  • Make Dua for them and for yourself too.

learn quran kids with aya institute

Students’ Opinions on Aya Institute;

I would like to thank Aya Institute because since my children enrolled in the institute’s online lessons through Zoom and Skype, they advanced their level in Arabic and began to master the recitation of the Quran thanks to the distinguished teachers who teach through the Nooranya method to teach Arabic and the Holy Qur’an for beginners ( learn Quran for kids ).

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