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Noorani Qaida

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The Noble Qur’an, the method of the nation’s life, by which it attains good in the world and the hereafter, God has ensured that it is preserved, The Almighty said: We have, without doubt, sent down the Message; and We will assuredly guard it (from corruption).

Let us now turn to the Holy Quran’s credit and learning

We are commanded to make the best of it, and throughout the ages the readers of its recitation, and the scholars of its recitation, and the construction of the flag. There have been several attempts to communicate this art in various ways, but the most successful attempt was presented by Sheikh Nur Muhammad Haqqani in his book noorani qaida 1, and many different ways.

In the Holy Quran, the way of life of the nation is the way for which good will be achieved in the world God said, “Almighty.” “Surely We revealed the Message, and We will surely preserve it”. We are commanded to make the best of it, and throughout the ages the readers of its recitation, and the scholars of its recitation, and the construction of the flag.

noorani qaida

 A brief summary of the author of noorani qaida 1

It is the name of Shaykh Noor Muhammad Haqqani in 1272 AH (1865 AD) in a city in Punjab, India, from which some jihadists and geniuses in the religious sciences emerged. Then Sheikh Noor Muhammad Haqqani completed his legal studies at the well-known religious schools, then specialized in hadith and learning at the hands of the great muhadith Sheikh Ahmad Ali al-Sahanburi. He was the author of many books incorporating his curriculum, and some of his books have been widely accepted by Muslims as the Noran base.

He died in 1343 AH (1925).

What are the objectives of noorani qaida 1?

  • Alla-learn the best way to teach correct pronunciation of the alphabet.
  • It is easy to learn the Quran for all, young and old.
  • Allah – Developing awareness and understanding.
  • This is the application and consolidation of all intonation provisions.

what’s the noorani qaida 1?

It is one of the great sciences related to the sciences of the Holy Quran.

What are the multiple names for it and does the difference of names affect the difference in the recitation of the Qur’an ?

The names differed:

  1. The light of the statement.
  2. Noranic base: Named after its author Sheikh Muhammad al-Haqqani, also called (Nouranic Fath Enhanced base): It is named after the one who cultivated and developed it, Shaykh Osama al-Qantani.
  3. Fatiha rule: It is named after the civil sheikh Fatah, who has made some amendments and rules.
  4. Al-Baghdadi base.
  5. The Rabbinic Base.
  6. The Righteous Base.
  7. The Meccan rule.
  8. The Criterion Rule.

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What’s the difference between the noorani qaida 1 and the Baghdadi base?

  • The difference is that the Noranian rule has all words from the Qur ‘an, unlike al-Baghdadi rule, some words are not Arabic at all.
  •  The Holy Koran is the greatest science on earth, and we derive it from the words of the Prophet (peace be upon him) : “Be good to you from learning and learning the Koran “.
  • Because the Koran is spoken in Arabic, Arabic is sufficient, in addition to being the language of the Holy Koran; For Allah’s blessing “It is a revelation from the Lord of the Worlds, The Honest Spirit came down with it, Upon your heart, that you may be one of the warners,  In a clear Arabic tongue.
  • The son of Timiya said, May God rest his soul “The Arab tongue is the emblem of Islam and its people, and languages are among the greatest rites of all nations in which they are distinguished.”
  • This shows that the Arabic language is preferred over all other languages and dialects and that Muslims should love it more than any other language.

What is the purpose of this course, and the benefit of studying and teaching noorani qaida 1?

Knowledge of each letter of the Koran, the letters of the quran are Arabic and the Noran grammar, which includes the teaching of these letters and the teaching of these letters to improve and modify the output of the letters and to give each letter its rightful title; It is clear from our words that they contain most of the necessary and irreplaceable pronouncements.

What is the purpose of studying them

  • Its purpose is to serve this religion and support it through the empowerment of the Arabic language.
  • So, the rule of light is considered the correct scale through which it is clear to us how to give the letter its due and due.
  • What we will take in the session, God willing.
  • Arabic letters and their definition.
  • Arabic letters and their sections.
  • The movements in the Arabic language, what is the movement, and the difference between the plastic and tajweed movement – the mudd – the tanween – the sukoon – the emphasis with the tanween.
  • Tajweed in a simple way with the movements that will be studied in each episode.
  • Spell al-Fatiha, then spell the short surahs.
  • Children’s masterpiece reading, and leave it.

noorani qaida 1

What lessons are under the noorani qaida 1?

First we find out the number of letters, then the characteristics of the letters, explaining the output of the letters and the output of each letter, the definition of the output and the types of the output, the definition of the letter, the graphics of the letters, then the exact letters and why they are called this, and then we enter on the most important part, which are the vowels in Arabic.

The number of Arabic language movements

“Nineteen Movements: In Arabic Only”. The extension with the three movements, the extension with the three tightening movements, the serenity. In the Quran there are “twenty-four movements “. Twisted with three motions, Twisted with three, Sleepless, Excess with them (a thousand little daggers), A thousand little daggers with intensity), Reverse Z, and others will meet us in explanations, God forgiving.

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