What Are The Principles to Learn Islam Online?

What are the principles to learn islam online ?

learn islam online , Islam is defined in the language as surrender, and submission, but from the legal point of view, its definition comes with two meanings, namely: the surrender of all creatures on this earth to the commands of God Almighty and Almighty, and the cosmic such as disease, sustenance, and (shehadah), this is in addition to surrendering to his legitimate commands, which are his statutes that we have foretold With it the messengers and prophets, peace be upon them.

learn islam online

It is noteworthy that the Islamic religion is based on five things, namely: testimony that there is no god but God and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God, prayer, zakat, fasting the month of Ramadan, in addition to Hajj, and the principles of Islam are two parts according to the majority of scholars And the sheikhs, namely: Sharia, belief, or faith and action, as it is indicated that they are closely related to each other, and in this article we will introduce you to these principles in detail.

What are the principles to learn islam online ?

You must learn the statutes of the dignitaries (meaning what every Muslim should learn):

  • First: The meaning of the two Shahada (There is no god but allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of allah).
  • Second: What is suitable for prayer.
  • Third: Conditions of repentance from major sins and sins in particular (restoring the rights of servants).
What are the principles to learn islam online ?

Who should learn islam online ?

If you are the owner of money, he must learn to impose zakat on his money. And if you are about to fast Ramadan, he must learn what his fast is valid. If you are able to perform Hajj, you must learn what is valid for your Hajj. Then you begin to learn to read the Qur’an (what is required of intonation and recitation) trying to know the meanings of the Qur’an and how it was revealed to the Companions (Reasons for revelation).

And if he was able to strengthen his tongue in Arabic and what is related to the language to understand the verses and hadiths. Then seeking knowledge in understanding what is required in the chapters of jurisprudence. Read the biography of the Prophet and get to know the person of the Prophet, peace be upon him.

Knowing the biography of the Rightly Guided Caliphs (Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman and Ali, may God be pleased with them). So that you then have an integrated vision of Islam, and if he is able to study some sciences after that, to go deeper:

  • Quran Sciences
  • Usul al-Fiqh
  • Hadith Origins

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2. learn islam online (Creed)

learn islam online , Creed in the Islamic religion is known as faith, and the firm belief that there is no doubt, and it is what God Almighty revealed in his divine books to mankind through his prophets and messengers, and he made it a commandment that Muslims must adhere to, and what most distinguishes this belief is its stability and its validity for all Time and place, for all people, and the concept of belief or belief in general, includes six aspects, namely:

Belief in God Almighty

This includes belief in His existence, manifestations of His power manifested in the universe, and knowledge of His Most Beautiful Names and Attributes of the Almighty.

Belief in the angels

Angels are among the creatures of God Almighty that exist in the other world that man cannot look at, and which are distinguished by their perfection. It is also worth noting that a person must also believe in the existence of Satan and the unbelieving jinn.

Belief in the books of God

They are the books that He revealed with His prophets and messengers to mankind to clarify the truth and falsehood, and the differentiation between permissible and forbidden, and they include the Bible, the Torah, the Zabur, and the Holy Qur’an.

Belief in the prophets, peace be upon them

They are those whom God Almighty chose to convey His message, and to call people to goodness and the right path, and this knowledge is of great importance, as it drives people to patience with trials and adversities, and to follow the most honorable creation of God.

Belief in the Last Day

The Last Day is the Day of Resurrection, and the Day of Judgment, during which the righteous believers will enter Paradise, and the immoral disbelievers will enter Hell, and faith is one of the most important things that drive a person to do good.

Belief in fate, both good and bad

with this faith, a person can challenge all the hardships that he encounters with a strong heart.

It is indicated from the foregoing that the primary purpose of the beliefs imposed by God Almighty is to educate people, direct them to follow the example of the Messengers and Prophets, and attain the best values, which are considered one of the most important knowledge and scientific facts at all.

What are the principles to learn islam online ?

2. learn islam online (Sharia)

Sharia is defined in language as the path, the path, or the running water. As for religion, Islamic law is the various rulings issued by God Almighty to regulate the life of the individual and society, and are contained either in the Holy Qur’an or in the noble Prophet’s Sunnah, as it includes morals and acts of worship Ways to interact with others.

Learn islam online , objectives of the Islamic Shariah It is possible to define the objectives of the Sharia as the goals that the Shari’a seeks to achieve, in order to ensure the comfort and happiness of a person, and they include the following: Preserving the religion: by adhering to the commands and prohibitions of God, and performing the imposed acts of worship to the fullest, such as prayer, fasting, And zakat.


God Almighty has forbidden killing others or even killing oneself. Preserving the mind: by getting used to thinking and contemplation in worldly matters, diligence and acquiring knowledge, in addition to keeping away from what goes away from the mind, such as drugs and intoxicating drinks.

Preservation of offspring

This is in order for life to continue on this earth, and reproduction is only within a legitimate framework, which is marriage, with the need to be careful to raise young people. Saving money: money must be earned in a legitimate way, and spent on good. Theft is forbidden, and so is consuming the money of orphans and minors.