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Learn dua with aya institute

learn dua , supplication (dua) is to always remember God, the Exalted, in good times and bad times, it is to seek refuge in the Creator in all your affairs, it is to seek help from God in all worldly matters, and there are correct ways of supplication (dua).

What is supplication (dua)?

The word supplication in the Arabic language means “asking God and medicating him with reverence,” and it reminds God and supplication for Him. Apart from the daily prayers, Muslims pray to God with forgiveness, direction, and strength throughout the day. Muslims can offer these supplications personally, or pray in their own words and in any language.

Conditions of supplication(dua)

learn dua , it is not necessary to have a specific formula in order for a person to pray to his Lord, because a person can pray to his Lord in whatever form he wants, just as there is no specific language for a person to call his Lord, but a person is able to pray to his Lord in whatever language he wants as well, and finally the supplication is not required to be Openly, even a person can pray to his Lord in his heart, and God knows what the breasts conceal.

learn dua with aya institute

One of the conditions of the supplication is not to hurry to answer it, so it is not necessary for the supplication to be answered as soon as a person raises his hands to heaven, rather he must be patient, for God does not waste the wages of a worker who does a specific work, and the answer to the supplication may be in that God makes something easy for us in A place other than the one in which we prayed to God Almighty.

Rather, God Almighty may save it for us in the hereafter, for God knows what is best for us, and He knows what was, what will be, and what will be. Time is a creature of God Almighty creatures only, and it does not apply to Him – the Most High. In the above – just as a person must be persistent in his supplication, not despair or despair of the mercy of God Almighty.

Why should we learn dua ?

The wisdom behind the law of God – glory be to Him – to pray in great matters, the most important of which is that supplication is an act of worship that achieves closeness to God – the Most High – and the continuity of his prayer – Glory be to Him – and by it the servant demonstrates his weakness in the hands of his Master – glory and majesty – and cults to him, and pleads with him. He is humiliated when he seeks his question and his need, so God gives him what he asked, and answers him as he asked, as God – Glory be to Him – promised His pious servants.

The supplication was, in fact, a summons to the wanted; Its forms and shapes varied according to that purpose. Praying by turning to God by asking God about its needs is one of its most important forms, and the slave’s doing the reasons that require the fulfillment of his wanted and the fulfillment of his aspirations, such as: engaging in obedience and remembrance of God, and what the slave must do of acts of worship is also a form of supplication.

Supplication means linguistically: tilting something by voice or speech, and desiring it, but in terminology it is: showing humiliation and need for God -the Almighty-, and returning to him, as Al-Tayyibi defined it, and Al-Manawi defined it as: the servant’s lack of God – glory be to Him – by showing the state of necessity, and the supplication Also, it is: seeking to uncover the sorrow, and fulfilling the need from God.

learn dua with aya institute

Etiquette of supplication ( learn dua )

  • It is advisable for a Muslim to adhere to a number of manners when turning to God and seeking needs from Him, including:
  • Praise God Almighty, and pray to the Prophet before asking for necessity.
  • Sensing the greatness of God, glory be to Him, with desire and dread of Him.
  • Demonstrating humiliation, need and poverty for God – Glory be to Him – and crying during supplication.
  • Supplication of God with His beautiful names, and supreme attributes.
  • Supplication for the best speech, and its mosque, while making sure to reduce the voice.
  • Turn to God – the Almighty – in all cases, and not limit yourself to supplicating in distress or need.
  • Turn to God with supplication in the best blessed times.
  • Confession of sins to learn dua
  • Repentance to God – Almighty – from sins and sins. Acknowledgment of sins, remorse for their commission and determination not to return to them; Repentance is one of the reasons for increasing good deeds, achieving blessings in everything, and answering supplication.
  • Make sure to perform ablution before supplication, go to the qiblah, and raise the hands when supplicating.
  • Praying to God, the Almighty, by legitimate types of supplication, such as invoking Him with good deeds.
  • Striving to present good deeds with sincerity of intention for God – Glory be to Him -, such as: charity, fasting, and others. For worship to be a way to answer.
  • Repeating the supplication and asking for the need with urgency, and without rushing to answer, and the question three times.
learn dua with aya institute

learn dua contraindications

It is known that supplication is one of the reasons for achieving the slave’s desire and warding off what is disliked, but the answer to the supplication may not be fulfilled for many reasons, including: the weakness of humiliation, submission and the lack of presence of the heart during supplication, or supplication for something that is not valid and transgression in it, or because of the large number of prohibitions and sins that are committed A shift between supplication and the answer, and frequent neglect of the commands of God and leniency in performing them are among the obstacles to answering.

One might hurry to ask for an answer; He leaves supplication, and does not insist on God in it, with the need to be aware that the response to the supplication is not limited to the fulfillment of the same requirement May God – glory be to Him – may delay it to the servant in the Hereafter, or remove some evil from him, and perhaps the answer to the supplication in it would be a greater harm to the servant. Failure to respond was God’s mercy.

Among the impediments to answering supplication are: supplication (dua) for severing of the mercy or sin, and frequent committing sins and forbidden things that God Almighty has made clear.

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