Kids Quran Learning at Aya Institute

Kids quran learning at aya institute

Kids quran learning at aya institute,
Memorizing the Noble Qur’an is one of the greatest and most honorable deeds. Because memorizing the quran Almighty has great merit in this world and the hereafter. When Othman bin Affan – may God be pleased with him – narrated it on the authority of the Messenger of God – may God bless him and grant him peace – that he said: (It is best for you to learn the Qur’an and teach it), in addition to what was reported on the authority of the Messenger of God – may God bless him and grant him peace – that he said: (It is said to the companion of the Qur’an.

Read, ascend, and recite just as you used to chant in the world, because your home is at the last verse you read). It is worth noting that starting to memorize the Holy Qur’an at a young age is better. Ibn Khaldun – may God have mercy on him – indicated that memorizing the Holy Qur’an for children is a ritual of the religion, and Muslims are accustomed to On the memorization of their children the Holy Quran.

Starting Kids quran learning

Preserving the Book of God Almighty establishes faith in the hearts and strengthens the belief, just as memorizing the Noble Qur’an is the basis on which all sciences are built, and therefore the opportunity should be used to memorize the Noble Qur’an at a young age, and it has been said that the age of seven is the best age for Kids quran learning and starting memorizing the Holy Qur’an .

The child begins with discrimination at the age of seven, and some children prefer to start their memorization at the age of eight; Because they are distinguished at the age of eight, as was stated in another saying that a specific age is not specified to start memorizing the child, but rather the matter is left to the parents. When they touch from her child discernment, they initiate his memorization of the Holy Qur’an, and it can be said that the best time for memorizing the child is determined according to the child’s maturity, and his progress in understanding and discernment.

Kids quran learning at aya institute

Ways to memorize the Holy Quran for children

The Holy Quran can be memorized to children in many ways that can be followed, and the following are some of them:

Presentation for children who read and write

  • The presentation of Kids quran learning can be followed in memorizing the Holy Quran for children who have mastered writing and reading.
  • The teacher defines how much the child can memorize in one session.
  • When determining the amount, consideration should be given to the child’s ability to memorize, the time allocated for memorization, the extent of his energy and activity, and the level of difficulty of the verses.
  • Then the child reads the amount to be memorized from the Qur’an to the teacher. To correct his mistakes and adjust his performance.
  • The teacher may recite verses in front of the child and instruct him to repeat behind him and follow from the Mushaf.
  • In the event that the child faces any difficulties in pronouncing some words from the Holy Qur’an, and his inability to read them, the teacher is keen to teach them to him. To be able to read it correctly.
  • After completing the correction stage, the child moves to the memorization stage. He reads the amount to be memorized several times until he is able to memorize.
  • A single page can be divided into parts, and a long verse can be divided into sections, then memorized and linked, and it is recommended to raise the volume moderately during memorization.
  • Thus, sight, hearing and speech are used in the process of memorization, then the verses that have been memorized are recited in a slow recitation.
  • Review memorization by self-reciting several times; To ensure proper memorization, and after mastering the memorization, the teacher reviews the student’s memorization by recitation.

Indoctrination method for children who neither read nor write

Indoctrination is defined as: the speed of understanding, it is said: to instruct so-and-so. That is, he understood it with words that he did not understand before, and despite the length of time it takes to memorize by indoctrination, this method is one of the best methods of memorization. Because he who teaches does not make mistakes, and this method is divided into two types, namely:

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1.      Individual indoctrination

Through the teacher reciting the verses to be memorized by one child, then the child repeats them after him.

2.      Group indoctrination

Through the teacher reading the verses to be memorized in the ears of a group of children, then the children repeat them behind him until memorization is completed, and it is preferable to use individual instruction if possible, and to use this method to the fullest extent, the number of children should be small, along with the teacher directing students to the accuracy Listening, chanting well, repeating difficult words, and dividing the verses to be memorized into small sections to suit the child’s breath when repeating them in a regular and moderate voice.

Method of preservation throughout the day

Kids quran learning in this method, the preservation time is distributed throughout the day; So that the child can perform all other duties; Then he memorizes a long verse after each prayer. So that the total memorization in one day is five verses, which is the number of verses that were revealed from Surat “al-alak” when Muhammad – may God bless him and grant him peace – was sent, so that memorization would be five verses per day.

How to Learn Quran for Kids Aya Institute

Either the teacher decides to start memorizing the short surahs; So the child memorizes one surah daily, and after confirming memorization during the day, the child reads what he memorized in his prayer, and so on every day. So that the total of weekly memorization is thirty-five verses that are reviewed at the end of the week.

One of the most important things that should be focused on for the success of this method is persistence and perseverance, as the most beloved deeds to God Almighty will perpetuate them even if they decrease, and it should be noted that this method is not suitable for all children Some of them may not be able to complete memorizing five verses at once.

Learn the Quran and the Arabic language with the Aya Institute

When you apply for the Quran and Arabic language lessons that we have in the Aya institute via Skype and Zoom for kids quran learning, we will provide you with the best methods that suit you as a beginner that suits your child.