Ijazah Quran with Aya Institute

Ijazah quran with aya institute

Ijazah quran, the idea of ​​Qur’anic permits arose from the system of narration on which the transmission of the Islamic religion was based, as the narration transmitted to the people of the noble hadith the Sunnah of the beloved the Chosen One, and to the owners of jurisprudence their schools and doctrines, as well as to the authors of tafsir, the causes of revelation, the copyist, the abrogated and the narrated effects of the companions and the followers of the Qur’an. Her Lord.

The Ijazah quran is a certificate

That so-and-so was authorized by some knowledge, whether this science was based on or not, I mean whether it was transferred from another world or from the stomachs of books, or from a university, school, or course, or from the structures of the ideas of the researcher or the scientist himself, the degree may be in machine science or in sciences Main legitimacy.

Ijazah quran with aya institute

As for the (SANAD)

It is a concatenated nomenclature within which the names of those who carried this assigned knowledge are listed. The bond may accompany the authorization, and it may not be accompanied by a bond, so it remains only a testimony.

The license is originally a novelty updated

The Companions did not carry the Noble Qur’an on the authority of the Prophet with Ijazah quran, nor did the Prophet carry it on the authority of Gabriel, peace be upon him, with permission, and the purpose of what was created for him was to prove the chain of transmission in it after his chain of transmission was long, but if someone recites the Noble Qur’an to someone it is permissible for him to narrate it without his permission.

Or someone heard the Qur’an from someone, he may narrate about him without his permission, but the Ijazah quran for the narration is higher because it includes consent and permission first. Then to acknowledge the validity of what is narrated second.

And look at the piety of the scholars and their accuracy in conveying the religion when narrating in the hadith, for example, to differentiate between their saying: Tell me and tell me and I heard, I read and narrated, with precise and clear actions.

As for the Noble Qur’an, it was not known in the past that the Noble Qur’an was narrated by those who did not memorize it, so there was no discussion of this issue in the past as far as I knew, and the Companions on their own accord one of them transmitted and narrated what he heard or read to the Prophet He transmits it directly from his memory, so it usually goes to be narrated from memorization and not from newspapers and the Qur’an.

Ijazah quran conditions

Ijazah quran has two conditions for metaphor, which revolve around justice and discipline, and they are derived from the science of narrating the noble hadith. The authenticity of the narration is subject to these two conditions within what it is subject to in the narrators, and the Noble Qur’an is the highest of what is narrated and transmitted, so it is true that it has the highest conditions in the narrations.

Ijazah quran with aya institute

The first condition of Ijazah quran

It is inevitable and unavoidable, since it is not permissible to carry the Noble Qur’an an immoral person or one who has an apparent heresy or disobedience and insists on it, because this is a pretext for underestimating the Holy Qur’an and disregarding it. Unknowingly, and perhaps dawned, he mentioned from the Holy Qur’an amputated. He will be insulted by his corrupt opinion and whimsy, and the license is a testimony: it is a testimony for the metaphor that he carries the Holy Qur’an.

If a scientist bears witness to the validity of his pregnancy of the Noble Qur’an, it is as if he permits his heresy or his immorality, and therefore ascertaining the condition of the students was praiseworthy, and their coexistence and intercourse with them in order to find out about their intercourse with them.

The first condition of Ijazah quran, Control of knowledge and understanding

It is for the student to be aware of the novel or reading that he narrates on the authority of his sheikh, in terms of origins and brushes, so that he knows its aspects and rulings and how to stand for its words, and fix the places of endowment and initiation in general, and the places of endowment and initiation that are specific to it from others, and this is what we inherited and what our imams stipulated from the sheikhs of the recitation.

This kind of discipline is not tolerated under any circumstances, and its guideline for the reciter Sheikh is to be within the limits of his knowledge and ability, so it is trustworthy to transmit the knowledge inherited to him by his sheikhs who studied on their hands, read on their ears, and transmitted from their mouths to his students. And if something of their sayings contradicted him.

He favors them with what he achieves from the books of scholars, with the question of the sheikhs of art who are prominent in it, then he reads with whom he is most likely to have, and if I forget one of his students an expanse of horizon, let him simplify the issue in all aspects: it is transmitted from his sheikhs, and researched in books and travels.

Ijazah quran with aya institute

Follow up the students’ level at aya institute

Ijazah quran to be granted by aya institute, it is also for this reason that the sheikh should be reassured that the student is able to search and explore the various issues that may form him in their contexts from the books of the scholars of knowledge, because this is what helps him and opens new horizons for him that may have been more beneficial than that of the Sheikh Al-Muallem. His sheikh either directly; Or by pushing him to search and excavate to answer his student’s question, as he did not have his answer.

Likewise, the student should be taught not to say in the Book of God without close knowledge or true transmission, for that is fatal and lavish, as it is a signature and an announcement of what the Dear Forgiver wants. If he says what he thinks about it, he should bear the burden of what he is aware of, and he will not say: I do not know when he does not know.