How to learn The Quran Fast and Easy in 4 tips?

How to learn the quran fast and easy in 4 tips?

How to learn the quran fast and easy,
The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, used to teach his companions the necessary supplications and Qur’anic verses in a practical way, and the Companions did not read or write, so the Companion used to repeat them in front of the Messenger until he memorized them, and in this there was a hadith in which he taught words that are said before sleep: On the authority of Al-Bara bin Azeb, he said: May God bless him and grant him peace: (If you come to your bed and perform ablution for prayer, then lie down on your right side, then say: “O God, I surrendered myself to you, and directed my face to you, and delegated my command to you, desire and fear to you.

How to learn the quran fast and easy in 4 tips?

How to learn the quran fast and easy

First: the definition of indoctrination.

Lunning: It is understanding, teach it any understanding, teach any understanding, so-and-so teaches me a word, that is, he understood me from it unless I understand, and lecturing is the speed of understanding, indoctrination is the speed of understanding.

Second: The importance of indoctrination.

When the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, was sent, God sent our master Gabriel, peace be upon him, to teach him the first five verses of Surat Al-Alaq. This is considered the best way to teach the Noble Qur’an, in particular, and it is the most appropriate way to prepare a good student, although it is more time consuming. He who sang did not compose, God Almighty said: {And you will receive the Qur’an from a wise and knowledgeable one. There is no doubt that this ummah, as they are devotees to understanding the meanings of the Noble Qur’an and establishing its boundaries, worshiping by correcting its words and establishing its letters on the quality received from the imams of reading related to the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him

Indoctrination takes place in one of two ways in order to how to learn the quran fast and easy:

1 – Individual indoctrination:

It is indoctrination for one student, that is, the teacher reads the verse and the student repeats it after him, and this method is the best for the student without a doubt. If the teacher has a small number of students, then it is better for them to read each of them separately in order to achieve control and mastery.

2 – group indoctrination:

It is when the teacher teaches a group of students to read to them the verse, then students repeat it behind him until they set it, and so on until memorization and perfection are accomplished.

How to learn the quran fast and easy in 4 tips?

Third: Controls for implementing the method of indoctrination.

1- The number of students should be small.

2 – That the teacher reads an exemplary reading carefully directing them to the accuracy of listening and good repeating.

3 – The readable sections should be relatively short, in order to avoid interrupting students’ breath while reading.

4 – Require all students to pass their hand on the words read and note that constantly.

5 – Standing on the heads of the verse, adhering to the endowment signs and controlling movements and sedatives.

6 – The students ’voice in chanting should be moderate and orderly so as not to tire them and to be able to pronounce the intonation.

7 – Close follow-up by the teacher to the students’ mouths when chanting.

8 – Repeat difficult words until they are set.

9 – Ensure the correct pronunciation of each student after completion of the instruction.

10 – The teacher continues repeating and is not limited to one or two times, until mastery is completed.

11 – The teacher recites one line, then two lines, then three, and so on.

12 – After completing the repetitive reading, the teacher begins to listen to some students.

Note: Each student can use a drawing and mark difficult words on his text.

Fourth: The objectives of this method.

1- Ridding students ’tongues from speech defects and preventing the vernacular from applying to the words of the Holy Qur’an

2- Acquainting students with control terminology such as signs of tide, endowment, party heads, quarters, and parts.

3 – Enabling the reading impaired to master reading from the Mus-haf, especially words that they find difficult to pronounce.

4 – Familiarizing students with reflecting on verses by stopping at some influential verses and drawing students’ attention to them.

5 – Introduce students to basic rulings of Tajweed and how to learn the quran fast and easy and apply them when going through examples of them while reading.

How to learn the quran fast and easy in 4 tips?

how to learn the quran fast and easy by the five-verse method

The method of memorization throughout the day (proven practical method): It is the five verse method.

The first verses of the Qur’an were revealed to our Master Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, five verses from Surat Al-Alaq. Therefore, I suggest that the lesson be five verses at the beginning of the matter. This is with regard to the long Surahs. If the memorization begins from the part of the report, then it is a short surah every day, but some People say the time is short and I cannot memorize. I suggested to some students this method, which is a method for memorizing one verse in each of the five daily prayers.

Does memorizing one verse before or after each of the five daily prayers distract the student from fulfilling his interests? No … If the student memorizes one verse in each prayer, then the sum of what is memorized per day is five verses after correcting their pronunciation to the teacher, then he recites the five verses that he memorized in the first rak’ah after al-Fatihah from the Isha rak’ah and repeats them in the second rak’ah.

And so, every day, the total of what is preserved in 7 days without any cost or hardship is 35 verses, then he comes on Friday and goes to the mosque early to get the early reward until Friday and revises what he memorized during the week, which is 35 verses, and so on … and it is kept in the thirty days with the help of God 150 Verse.


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