How to learn Quran?… “Our excellent teachers answering in 6 headings”

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How to learn Quran ,
The reading of the Quran must be correct and free from verbal, grammatical or linguistic errors. This divine holy book must be read accurately. Because any linguistic error will change the meaning and the words of God Almighty, so if you want to know how to learn Quran, follow the following methods and means: Go to the mosque and seek the help of the sheikhs and the people of religion to teach you the correct method of reading free of errors. Learn the Quran with groups, listen from them, repeat after them, and after you go home, read the same verses that you have learned so that you will not be mistaken at all.

Methods of learning Quran (How to learn Quran)

  • The Messenger – may blessings and peace be upon him – says: “Your best is the one who has learned the Quran and taught it.”
  • Therefore, teaching the Noble Quran has a lot of reward and merit, and it is a duty for every Muslim man and woman.
  • As for the most important methods of teaching the Holy Quran, it is as follows: Sincerity in the intention to God Almighty and to have will, determination and patience, and to seek the help of God Almighty.
  • Because this step is the most important step in teaching the Holy Quran, because it needs a future soul and love to learn it.
  • Reading the Noble Quran is conscious and correct reading, so that the letters and pronunciations are correct, free from distortion, and the rulings of recitation and intonation are learned.this is why many people look for how to learn Quran.
  • Enrolling in centers for memorizing the Noble Quran and receiving Quran teaching lessons from professional sheikhs and famous reciters, listening frequently to the correct readings of the Quran’s verses recited and correctly written, and repeatedly listening to them through recorded tapes and the Internet. Examine the verses of the Quran while reading them, and slow down while reading.
  • The use of exegesis books and the explanation of the verses of the Noble Quran that clarify the meanings of the words and the appropriateness of the surahs and the verses, and help in how to learn Quran in a smooth manner.

how to learn quran

The reward for learning Quran

  • The Messenger – may blessings and peace be upon him – says: “Whoever calls for goodness is the one who does it.”
  • And he – upon him be peace – also says: “Whoever calls for guidance will have a reward like the wages of those who follow him, this does not detract from their wages. He has a sin like the sins of those who follow him. This does not detract from their sins.”
  • Therefore, the reward for teaching the Noble Quran is counted from ongoing alms.
  • Also, the reward of each letter has ten good deeds, and the good is ten times as much, and the teaching of the Noble Quran explains the chest and wins the pleasure of God Almighty.

Methods of how to make children learn Quran

  • The Noble Quran is the book of God, the method and law of Islam, and it is preserved by God Almighty until the Day of Judgment, and how can a Muslim act according to the method and law of God when he does not preserve his noble book.
  • Just as fathers and mothers struggle to teach their children about worldly sciences such as learning languages, mathematics and science, and spend effort and money to teach them to obtain the highest scientific degrees.
  • They should strive what they can and more to instill the love of learning the Noble Quran and memorizing it to their children, so that their approach and path in life will bring them to heaven, especially since God the Almighty and the Messenger, may blessings and peace be upon him, commanded to read the Quran, memorize it, contemplate its meanings, abide by it, and appeal to it.
  • Hence, we will present some great ideas that make your child relate to the Quran and love to learn it in a smooth and easy way.
  • continue reading to know how to make children learn Quran

 The importance of learning Quran

  • For the child Raising children is a lofty task that parents and mothers perform, and in order for parents to ensure their children a good and straight upbringing.
  • they must be founded on learning the Holy Quran, so learning the Quran in a young age has a great positive effect.
  • A young child makes it easier for him to learn quickly Because his mind is not burdened with the concerns of adults.
  • therefore, the information he receives no matter how old he is, remains constant in his mind and mind, and when he receives the Noble Quran when he is young.
  • His stability in the child’s heart and mind coincides with his growth, so he digs into his blood until he grows up.
  • The Holy Prophet, may blessings and peace be upon him, instructed us in several honorable hadiths about the importance of learning the Quran for children when they are young.
  • That is, from five years old, and when fathers and mothers instill in the hearts of their children the love and learning of the Holy Quran, for that they will be rewarded a great reward.
  • The Noble Quran has a great influence on the formation of the personality of the child, so if it affects the creation of God from stones and mountains.
  • Then how much if it is a human being, and it is known that the Holy Quran is considered an educational curriculum/
  • But it is the best in history, because it contains principles and foundations.
  • If they are followed, it creates a rising generation that will rise to the ummah Away from weakness and ignorance, and contains fine human values.

Learning the Quran is an acquired instinct

  • So how do you develop it for your child? Learning the Quran and relating to it in an easy and child-friendly way that every parent wishes for their children.
  • Despite this, many of us do not have the queen to persuade their child to learn the Quran.
  • Therefore, here, dear mother, are some easy steps that you can follow to motivate your child to learn the Quran and relate to it eternally.

how to learn Quran

Record your child’s voice while reading the Quran

  • When the child begins to read and recite the Quran, as a kind of motivation and love to learn the Quran, record his voice during the recitation and listen to the recording after it finishes.
  • He will feel that his voice during the recitation is influential and he will be encouraged to memorize more, then put a daily evaluation for his memorization of the new verses and inform him about his development and progress in reading the Quran.
  • This is how to make your child learn Quran.

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