Aya Institute Learn to Read the Holy Quran

Aya Institute Learn to Read the Holy Quran

Aya institute Learn to read the Holy Quran,
The Noble Qur’an is the book of God Almighty revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, as a constitution and a comprehensive approach, as it clarifies to Muslims all the provisions of acts of worship and transactions. There are many foundations and conditions for dealing with this great book and it is the duty of every Muslim and Muslim woman to read it correctly and contemplate its meanings and think about it and work according to its provisions.

Learn to read the Holy Quran with aya institute

You can rely on many methods and tips to learn to read the Noble Qur’an, and they are as follows: Listening to the recitations recorded on YouTube by many readers.

  • Go to the role of memorizing the Qur’an and listen carefully to the Sheikh Al-Qari.
  • Study the provisions of intonation from the books devoted to it.
  • To be keen on understanding the important rules for reading the Qur’an that is based on the rules of the Arabic language, as the rules of the Arabic language must be well learned and to ensure that the letters are pronounced correctly from their correct output and pay attention to the movements.
  • Keep reading daily, this will facilitate the reading process and make it more compact.

Etiquette of reading the Holy Quran

The following is the etiquette of reading the Noble Qur’an:

  • The sincerity of intention to God Almighty before starting to recite, and attention to the etiquette of recitation by sitting well and appropriately for reading, ablution, and wearing clean and fragrant clothes.
  • Sitting in a quiet place, far from entertainment and preoccupations, so that he is not distracted and not distracted by others when reading it, and when sitting with a sheikh to learn to read, he must listen to him well.
  • Maintaining reverence and reflection when reading, this is one of the basics of reading the Noble Qur’an.
  • When wanting to read the Qur’an, ablution is preferred, and there is nothing wrong with reading without it.
  • It is preferred to memorize the Noble Qur’an by everyone, young and old, especially the basic verses that are read during prayer, such as Al-Fatiha. To memorize the Noble Qur’an there are different methods.
  • A person can choose the appropriate method for him, but he must be determined and persistent.
  • Interest in the provisions of intonation and their application while reading.
  • Following the rulings of the Noble Qur’an, obeying its commands, and avoiding everything forbidden from it.
  • The goal of reciting the Noble Qur’an is getting closer to God Almighty, and that is only possible by understanding and contemplating the meanings of His verses, adopting all of His rulings, following all that he analyzed and completely avoiding everything forbidden.

Aya institute .. Learn to read the Holy Quran with aya institute

The importance of continuing to read the Holy Quran

  • It increases your confidence that the facilitation of all worldly matters is in the hands of God Almighty, and that He is close to you.
  • It teaches you high values ​​and ethics, which positively affect your life and your ability to interact with others.
  • It makes you feel reassured and comfortable, so reading the Noble Qur’an is the best remembrance, and remembrance of God Almighty relaxes the souls and protects them from worry and distress.
  • It saves you from the whispers of Satan, increases your faith in God, saves you from fear and psychological anxiety, and increases your mental capacities for comprehension and focus.

Advantages of Aya Institute for learning the Holy Quran

  • Aya institute is one of the free educational platforms for remote memorization of the Holy Quran, which is an academy for women, men, and children.
  • This platform is one of the educational platforms for remotely memorizing the Holy Quran.
  • It is a women-only education academy. This platform includes more than 10,000,000 male and female students who are always striving to seek knowledge.
  • This association aims to properly educate and establish mothers; In order for these mothers to generate beneficial growth for themselves and their mother.
  • The platform has more than a thousand certified teachers.
  • There is also a section for the authorization of those who have already memorized the Qur’an and want to control and recite it correctly, and there is also a section for reviewing the two endings of the Qur’an.
  • This platform has succeeded in being joined by large numbers to give an opportunity to start memorizing from anywhere you wish to start from, so whoever wants to start memorizing from Surat Al-Baqarah can do so.
  • And whoever wants to start memorizing Surat An-Naba ‘can do that.
  • The platform also provides an opportunity to qualify teachers and provide them with training courses.
  • The platform does not stop at its role in memorizing the Qur’an only, but rather extends to include the opportunity to memorize hadiths due to their place in legislation. There are also courses in this academy to teach Sharia sciences such as jurisprudence, hadith, interpretation, and other different sciences.

Aya institute .. Learn to read the Holy Quran with aya institute

Programs and lessons of aya institute

  • Aya institute is the first Quranic platform that provides an electronic environment based on interactive education for Quran sciences.
  • It is an association for memorizing the Qur’an in Jeddah, and it relies on information and communication technologies and interactive education for the sciences of the Noble Qur’an. Through this platform, the association provides workshops for memorizing and revising the Qur’an, reading and authorization councils, as well as courses to teach intonation.
  • The site also offers courses specializing in memorizing the surahs, which have proven special merit and reading the Qur’an over the phone and the Internet, for all segments of society who want to learn the Noble Qur’an. It is also considered one of the most famous institutes to learn the Qur’an online.
  • This site offers comprehensive and integrated programs for memorizing the Noble Qur’an, and its various programs to suit all ages.
  • A Quranic platform for memorizing the Noble Qur’an, it provides comprehensive and integrated programs for memorizing the Holy Qur’an. It also takes into account in its programs the education of all age groups, human capabilities, and differences and is considered one of the best academies to learn the Qur’an online.
  • Aya institute aims to pave the way for all those who want to memorize the Noble Qur’an with precision and mastery. This platform also relies on the objective division of the verses in order to help the participants to think, not just memorize.